hey arnold Humor

Everything About Christmas is Awful, Except the ‘Hey Arnold!’ Special

The one redeeming thing about this trash holiday
jordan-peele-twilight-zone TV

Is Jordan Peele Set to Enter ‘The Twilight Zone’?

You unlock this door with the key of imagination
gotta-have-it TV

Spike Lee Reboots ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ as a Netflix Series

Please baby, please baby, please baby, baby, baby, please
jay-z and ryan gosling chat briefly in a promo spot for the season 43 premiere of 'Saturday Night Live' TV

The JAY-Z and Ryan Gosling ‘SNL’ Promo is as Awkward as It Sounds

“Moonlight” vs. ‘La La Land’
pharrell makes an impromptu speech at monday night's 'hip hop honors' show on vh1 TV

Pharrell’s Hip Hop Honors Speech Wasn’t Just Another Rant

“The white nationalists are walking towards your future. What you gonna do?”
lakeith stanfield and mia kanikowski posing together TV

Lakeith Stanfield Dances to DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels on ‘Fallon’

It's part of a new project from Spike Jonze
50-Cent-POWER TV

50 Cent is Bringing Three New Shows to Starz

Don't cancel your subscriptions
ball-family Sports

Is LaVar Ball’s ‘Ball in the Family’ the Next Great Reality Show?

'Ball in the Family' premieres tomorrow on Facebook
rass-kass-got-episode-5 TV

Ras Kass Talks ‘Game of Thrones’: “Eastwatch”

The acclaimed rapper previews tonight's episode of 'Game of Thrones'
jay-z sitting on a stool to perform for his 2001 episode of unplugged. the show is being rebooted in 2017 and it will hopefully include more hip hop acts now since the genre is now more popular than ever before Music

MTV’s Reboot of ‘Unplugged’ Better Have More Hip Hop

Only three rap episodes since 1989???
joel and ethan coen from the oscar winning film duo the coen brothers holding up some oscars. netflix has tapped into the duo's genius mind to produce a brand new exclusive series set to come in 2018 Film

The Coen Brothers Announce First TV Show In New Netflix Deal

Streaming Oscar gold
david letterman with a long majestic beard that has become a part of his soul after he retired from late night television two years ago News

David Letterman Is Returning To TV Via A Netflix Interview Series

The king is back!
rass-kass-game-of-thrones TV

At the Throne: Ras Kass on Episode 2, “Stormborn”

The acclaimed rapper breaks down the latest episode from Game of Thrones
the-deuce-hbo TV

Peek Into the Golden Era of Times Square Porn with ‘The Deuce’

Featuring 'The Wire' creator David Simon, James Franco and Method Man with a perm
tyler-the-creator TV

Tyler, the Creator Releases the Trailer to his new TV show, ‘Nuts + Bolts’

Is this what those bees were counting down to?
power-sikora TV

About That Night “White Tommy” Dropped The N-Word on ‘Power’

It wasn't even in the script