lil pump Features

What’s Behind Hip Hop’s Fascination with Prescription Drugs?

A “profoundly anxious” generation in pain
Flakka News

High on Flakka, Missouri Kids Strip, Bark and Bathe in Soda Water

Two suspects were arrested while the others were hospitalized.
uber-graffiti Crime

Twenty Pounds of Fentanyl and Heroin Found In an Upper West Side Apartment

That's enough to knock out half the city
shrooms News

Are Mushrooms the Safest Drug?

A new survey says you might not be tripping
El Chapo Arrives to U.S. News

Are The Feds Trying to Drive El Chapo Insane?

He doesn't even know what time it is
west News

West Virginia is Running Out of Money to Bury Overdose Victims

The opioid epidemic continues
Colombiancocaine News

Americans Are Partying Like It’s 1999 As Cocaine Use Continues To Rise

Blame the "Narcos" effect?
magic_mushrooms_mass_appeal Drugs

Study: Magic Mushrooms Are So Awesome, That Even A Bad Trip Can Be “Meaningful” ...

"It is notable that 84% of respondents reported having benefited from the experience."
baking_soda_mass_appeal Crime

Ohio Supreme Court: FOH With That Stepped On Shit, How Much Real Cocaine Is In T...

"The state must prove that the weight of the actual cocaine, excluding the weight of any filler materials, meets the statutory thr...
vagina_cocaine_mass_appeal Drugs

Nearly A Dozen Women Busted For Using Their Vaginas To Smuggle Cocaine

Risky business
j_cole_raided_swat Music

J. Cole Was Raided By SWAT While Recording His New Album

The neighbors think he's sellin' dope
american-drug-epidemic Drugs

Heroin Deaths Now Outpacing Gun Homicides Because America Is Exceptional

Stop shooting up stuff
The COSMOS field Drugs

‘Magic Mushrooms’ Helped Ease Anxiety of Death In Cancer Patients

"Psilocybin may represent a potential paradigm shift." -Dr. Griffiths
fda_ecstacy_mdmajpg Drugs

FDA Does Something Good, Okays Clinical Trials of MDMA To Treat PTSD

Now can the DEA remove its Schedule I classification?
dried_cubensis Drugs

Study: Psychedelic Drugs Are Awesome, Potentially Helpful for Treating Bad Drugs

"Psychedelic drugs have been used as treatments in indigenous cultures for thousands of years."
Money_Cash_silk_boom Drugs

The Online Drug Market Is Blowing Up

It's tripled since Silk Road was busted