DJ Perly, a turntablist from The Bronx, is the 1st woman DMC NYC Champ. She even won the U.S. crown, until they took it back 12 hrs later. We'll explain. Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! DJ Perly

"I keep away from Rappin’ Duke. I have nightmares."
delorean-dmc-12-replica-buy-1 News

You Can Buy A New DeLorean For the Price of Justin Bieber’s Used Milk Glass

The 'Back to the Future' car is going back into production. As for the Biebz glass... FOH
Guardians DMC main Art

Darryl Makes Comics On Their First Writing Assignment for Marvel

Darryl McDaniels and Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez discuss 'Guardians of Infinity #3' and what's next for their venture
DMC2_Cover_Ramos Art

Get An Exclusive Look at Darryl Makes Comics’ DMC #2

Check out the official and variant covers for the second issue of Darryl McDaniels' comic book series.
dmc-revealed-hiarts-2014-exhibit-comic-con Art

HiArts Kicks off Fall With DMC Comics “Released” Exhibit

Thanks to the world of comic books, D.M.C. developed into a super hero of hip hop.
Illustration Comic Book Run DMC Superhero Art

Help Launch The First “DMC” Comic Book Series

Help hip hop legend, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, and his team of all-star illustrators fund their very first comic book project.