Miami Dolphins Coach chris foerster cocaine News

Woman Who Leaked Dolphins Coach Coke Snorting Video: “An Example Had to be Made”

Blowing it
Miami Dolphins Coach chris foerster cocaine News

Stripper Leaks Insane Video of Miami Dolphins Coach Snorting Coke

“But y’all keep saying ALL LIVES MATTER”
energy drinks in a grocery story. News

Energy Drinks When You’re Under 25 Can Lead to More Cocaine Use

Too lit
Colombiancocaine News

Americans Are Partying Like It’s 1999 As Cocaine Use Continues To Rise

Blame the "Narcos" effect?
vale News

Colombia’s Efforts to Keep Cocaine Out of Valentine’s Day Flowers

The purest uncut Colombian...roses
baking_soda_mass_appeal Crime

Ohio Supreme Court: FOH With That Stepped On Shit, How Much Real Cocaine Is In T...

"The state must prove that the weight of the actual cocaine, excluding the weight of any filler materials, meets the statutory thr...
vagina_cocaine_mass_appeal Drugs

Nearly A Dozen Women Busted For Using Their Vaginas To Smuggle Cocaine

Risky business
donald_trump_cocaine News

White House Spokesperson Suggests Trump Was On Coke During Debates

Say hello to my little hands!
coca_cola_shipping_cocaine News

Workers Find 370 Keys Of Cocaine In Coca-Cola Shipping Crates

And they turned it in
Marsha Gay Reynolds Arrest News

Flight Attendant Arrested After Allegedly Smuggling 70 Pounds of Cocaine

Marsha Gay Reynolds was apparently a former Miss Jamaica pageant runner-up
multi-drug cocktails Drugs

Take an In-Depth Look at the Deadliest Drug Cocktails

Multi-drug cocktails are more dangerous than most individual drugs
Pablo Escobar Drugs

Mysterious Safe Found at Pablo Escobar’s Former Mansion

What kind of surprise could the “King of Cocaine” have left the new property owners?
BananasOnCoke Drugs

$17 Million in Cocaine Accidentally Sent to Berlin Grocery Store…Again

Berlin is going bananas for coke.
Cocaine food Drugs

Cocaine Condiments: $58K Worth of Coke Found in JFK Passenger’s Sauce

Flying high.
Paris Hilton Cocaine Bust Drugs

Cocaine Cowgirl: 400 Kilos of Coke Seized at Paris Hilton’s Family Ranch

Yung Hilton, move that dope... allegedly.
Project Know 2014 Drug Slang in Hip Hop Drugs

Who Has the Most Drug References in Rap?

No idea is original, especially when it comes to rapping about drugs.