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Civil War main Features

Comic vs. Film: ‘Captain America: Civil War’

We break this comic book adaptation down to its atoms!
Captain America Civil War Film Review Features

Why ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Is Worth Seeing Twice

A relatively spoiler-free review of the highly anticipated blockbuster
Captain America Mask Books

75 Years of Captain America

An in-depth look at the Marvel characters who've donned the Captain America mask

Mass Appeal’s Guide to ‘Agent Carter: Season 2’

Let us up you on everything you need to know about the SSR's top agent.
Red Skull News

Man Chops Off Nose and Tattoos Eyeballs to Become Marvel Villain Red Skull

Now this is some next level Marvel fan shit.
rae-sremmurd-captain-america-number-one-2014 Art

Rae Sremmurd Grace the Cover of Marvel’s All-New Captain America

The new Captain's America is in a #NOFLEXZONE!
Comics that should be turned in Blockbuster Movies Film

Films That Will Help Hollywood Step Its Comic Game Up

Hollywood, let us guide you to making comic book films that don't suck.
Marvel is set to have the first Black Captain America Art

Marvel Announces Black Captain America

Black Cap is on the way.