iPhone X Masks News

Don’t Want Apple Creeping on Your Face? There’s a Mask For That

Chinese retailer Taobao cashes in on the latest paranoia
facial recongition News

Cops and the iPhone X’s Facial Recognition Technology

How the police can use Apple's new feature against you
iphone-8 Tech/Games

Apple is No Longer the Plug

iPhone 8! iPhone X! Yawn
a couple recalled glitter iphone cases News

This Glitter iPhone Case Was Recalled For Burning People’s Faces

Who thought glitter could get any worse?
hackers News

Your iPhone Could Be Wiped By Hackers if Apple Doesn’t Pay Up

Holding the world ransom for...$75,000 in Bitcoin
terms_and_conditions Books

The iTunes Terms and Conditions Are Now A 94-Page Graphic Novel

Artist R. Sikoryak has found a way to actually make you read it without being bored to tears
roland_808_trailer_documentary Film

Trailer for Roland 808 Documentary Features Questlove, Pharrell and Afrika Bamba...

Too many musicians to name
screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-11-26-32-am News

Mary J. Blige Sings Words About Police Violence Directly to Hillary Clinton

The candidate really needs to listen
iphone7_announce_lead News

Here’s What’s New With the iPhone 7

All black everything. Rest In Peace headphone jack.
mario_iphone_nintendo_announcement1 News

Super Mario Runs Onto iPhones

Finally, a legit Nintendo game on smart phones
justice department News

Justice Department Withdraws Demand for Apple to Open Drug Dealer’s iPhone

Another battle over phone encryption has ended without a definitive court ruling on the issue
san bernardino shooter News

The FBI Hacked San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone Without Apple’s Help

The resolution of this case is "just a delay of an inevitable fight" over phone encryption
encryption backdoors News

New Legislation Would Force Tech Companies to Provide Encryption Backdoors

The bill would allow charges to be brought against companies that refuse government decryption requests
iphone encryption News

Federal Judge Rejects FBI Request to Unlock Drug Dealer’s iPhone

The government plans to appeal the ruling
TimCook News

Apple Will Contest Federal Order to Unlock Shooter’s iPhone

The battle over phone encryption technology rages on
iPhone Knowledge

Apple Can’t Unlock Your iPhone Even if Cops Ask Them To

There are still dozens of other ways that the government or a hacker can steal your data.