2016 Elections

Maine News

Legal Weed Wins In Maine After Recount Scrapped, But Let’s Not Start Sucking Eac...

"I don’t smoke it, so I don’t care." -Governor Le Page
denzelmedia_knowledge News

Denzel Drops Some Zen-Like Musings On the Media

"What is the long-term effect of too much information?"
hip_hop_politics_john_brown_mass_appeal Features

Hip Hop Lost the Election!

"Our Kids Can't All Aspire to be Lil Wayne" - President Obama, July 2009
weed_flag News

After Donald Trump’s Catastrophic Win, At Least Weed Was Legalized?

The United States of Cannabis
shkreli Music

Pharma-Fuccboi Martin Shkreli Celebrates Trump Victory by Releasing Snippets of ...

America will now face the music.
donald_trump_booed_mass_appeal News

Donald Trump Gets Authentic NYC Welcome, Is Mercilessly Booed At His Own Polli...

"You're gonna lose." -Unidentified American hero
killer_mike_election_day Politics

Killer Mike Clears the Air About His Election Comments

"I still love you all and hopefully we’ll smoke legal weed one day."
hov_bey_hrc_mass_appeal_ohio Music

Here Are Some Highlights From Last Night’s Jay Z Concert for Hillary Clinton

"He cannot be my president. He cannot be our president." -Hov
voting_booths_selfies_mass_appeal Politics

Don’t Fuck Up This Election With A Selfie

"The ballot is stronger than the bullet." -Abraham Lincoln
mass_appeal_joe_biden_donald_trump News

Vice President Joe Biden Says He Wouldn’t Debate Donald Trump, He’d Beat His Ass

The gloves are off!