PREMIERE: DJ Madd Raises the Bass on Gentleman’s Dub Club’s “One Road”

Despite the election, the show must go on. And by show, we mean the music that artists are creating with love and positivity, which in many ways will hopefully assuage the heavy hearts we all woke up with today. We have part of the solution this morning for those who are inclined towards dub and bass music.

Hungarian DJ, DJ Madd, was tasked with remixing the bleak song “One Road” from the nine-piece band, Gentleman’s Dub Club. The British dub band created a relaxing song that addresses the hamster wheel many people are stuck on, with work and mind numbing activities, and DJ Madd took that sentiment to heart for his remix. In a way, his remix reflects the industrial life many live by adding a dubstep element.

Here’s a statement from Easy Star Records about the remix:

“If you think the first drop is heavy, the second–which introduces more mad effects and a jungle break–will blow your socks off! Think Major Lazer meets Mungo’s Hi Fi.”

“One Road” will be on Gentleman’s Dub Club’s upcoming The Big Smoke Remixed EP (11/11 via Easy Star Records). You can listen to the remix and the original below.

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