Pete Rock Drops the Hammer in Instagram Response to Waka Flocka

Sometimes, no matter how valid an argument they have, “old school” hip hop heads have a tough time gaining a foothold in a spat online with someone younger and more current than them. It’s just inherently not their arena, one could argue.

This is not one of those times.

Pete Rock laid the hammer onto Waka Flocka Flame on Saturday afternoon with an Instagram post, likely in response to Flocka’s comments on Sway in the Morning last month, during which he supported the youth in hip hop’s tense generational divide. “I’m gonna defend my older heads and tell you you’re not equal. Be as disrespectful as you want,” started Pete Rock, wasting no time getting busy. Flocka’s comments have circulated frequently since the interview was published on October 11; heated debate on the topic is almost impossible to avoid on social media. “You’re not doing what we did, haven’t accomplished what we accomplished,” continued Pete, clearly incensed.

Im gonna defend my older heads and tell you your not equal. Be as disrespectful as you want. Your not doing what we did,havent accomplished what we accomplished. Our generation didnt experiment with pills or syrup or anything synthetic. Its already written in history. Rock n Roll hall of fame,hip hop hall of fame and museums. Where are you at in any of that? The problem is yall never had respect from the jump. WE ARE THE REASON YOUR WHO YOU ARE AND DO WHATEVER IT IS YOUR DOING! Pay homage to who was before you. Problem is also yall want us to accept music that dont move nothing but the young,when you making music its to inspire everyone not just your era. Only time my pockets on pause is when im streaming yall album. I listen to it and made a decision not to buy yo shit cuz in my opinion being a music maker,there is no substance to the music or lyrics so dont get mad cuz you not cut from the cloth of hip hop pioneers. Lets see how long you can last in this business doing what you doing. You been quiet until you startED running your mouth about old school niccas. Thats corny bro. Just make better music and spit like an MC. Yeah yall different but nothing of what nas krs kane jay z or any official rapper has ever taught you. We saying something about your generation cuz your simply not making heart & soul felt music young nicca! The old head rant is corny. Old heads are special and i just think yall cant do what we did. ‍♂️ Salute! @wakaflocka

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During an interview with Sway last month, Waka lightly jabbed at older generations, claiming that they weren’t acknowledging the level of “genius” some of hip hop’s younger stars, namely Lil Uzi Vert and XXXTentacion, have achieved. “I just don’t be respecting all these different approaches. That’s how I feel, and that’s how the younger generation feels,” said Waka to during his Sway interview. Flocka, Sway, Tracy G and the rest of the Sway in the Morning cast were discussing the different in approach to racist encounters between generations. It was Flocka’s belief that older people needed to get with the program.

“That’s why you got XXX out here. That n*gga’s a genius. He’s 19-years-old,” said Waka emphatically. “We talking about kids. The Uzi Verts and them, they’re kids. They’re literally fucking kids.”

He went on to mock the old school generations he was being critical of. “But then you got grown people sitting in rooms like, ‘Yeah, these little hip hop guys, they’re confusing.’ Like, n*gga, that could be your kid though.”

Pete Rock wasn’t impressed with Flocka’s preferred brand of “genius.” “You been quiet until you started running your mouth about old school niccas. That’s corny bro. Just make better music and spit like an MC. Yeah y’all different but nothing of what Nas, KRS, [Big Daddy] Kane, JAY-Z or any official rapper has ever taught you,” wrote Pete on IG. “We saying something about your generation ‘cause you’re simply not making heart and soul felt music young nicca! The old head rant is corny.”

Pete Rock recently collaborated with Smoke DZA on the Don’t Smoke Rock album, and his all-time great Mecca and The Soul Brother album with CL Smooth turned 25 in June. Waka recently confirmed a new album, Flockaveli II, after five years of not releasing a full-length LP. Interestingly enough, the Atlanta rapper appears on Radio Silence, the new album from Talib Kweli—who likely meets the “older generation” criteria—which dropped just a day ago on Friday (Nov. 17).

Still, hopefully, Waka isn’t somewhere furiously typing and re-typing a response to Pete’s post. This one’s over.

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