On Thursday, Weed Will Be Legal In Massachusetts!

Without voter referendums, weed would have never been legalized in what amounts to 1/4 of the United States. For decades, the concept of making cannabis as legal as tobacco or alcohol was political kryptonite and no elected officials dared touch it. The citizenry did all the heavy lifting. One of the most recent block of voters to follow along this progressive path is Massachusetts and on Thursday, the new law will be enacted, kinda. It will still be illegal to smoke it in public or sell weed until a system is put in place to tax and regulate it, but residents can posses weed and start growing it. The ballot measure — which passed by about 1.3 million votes — still has to be certified by the Governor’s Council for certification and Secretary of State William Galvin announced that will happen on Wednesday, so everything is on track for the December 15 deadline.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • 1) You must be 21 or older to posses or grow.
  • 2) You can posses up to 1 ounce in public (as long as you’re not smoking it) or 10 ounces in your home.
  • 3) You grow 6 plants or 12 per household if another adult lives there.
  • 4) You can give away up to an ounce, but you can’t profit off it or advertise it.

Retail sales of the high grade aren’t expected to take happen until January 2018, so for now, people will have to either grow it themselves or just keep buying it from their dealers, for now. Meanwhile, about 220 miles north, Maine is struggling with a recount because some people there aren’t happy about a pro-pot ballot measure passing there.


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