PREMIERE: MWP “Mad + Nice + Ltd.” ft. Reks, Craig G & SageInfinite

What was once known as the music industry has largely disappeared due to illegal downloading. Without a bunch of major labels hungry to sign anybody that can rap even a little bit, the game has changed considerably. Much of music now functions without contracts, points, exorbitant fees, or label execs sticking their nose into everything. And without big budgets, everybody is on a much more level playing field.

All of a sudden a lot more collaborations started to pop off because MCs and producers had the freedom to do so. Instead of paying for guests spots, artists started trading beats for verses, or verses for verses, or just doing full projects together. If you’ve been paying attention, you probably noticed we’ve been premiering a bunch of dope cuts by unsung producers that have albums loaded with the illest current MCs. We’ve hit you with bomb shit from OneSession outta LA, Spectacular Diagnostics, who resides in Chicago, Canadian ChanHays, and we have something coming from Venice Beach’s own Eyedee tomorrow. Each one has a new album with a tracklist that would have been hard to pull off in the days when the label was king.

While there is a slim possibility you been bopping your head to his last album New Horizon, we highly doubt you know the name MWP. This beat-scientist/word-wielder from Denmark has been making that raw boom bap for almost a decade. He worked largely with #TheWinners early on, and can even brag that he produced for Hus Kingpin and SmooVth back when they were a group called Tha Connection. His upcoming album Afterglow is chalk full of all the rappers you want to hear more from, be it established names like Roc Marciano, Ras Kass, and Guilty Simpson, or lyricists who are just about to break like Nowaah The Flood, Jos Rockwell, and SageInfinite (who makes three appearances!).

Today, we invite you to bump one of the best tracks off Afterglow, “Mad + Nice + Ltd.” Here we get Murda Mass mainstay Reks, Juice Crew alum Craig G, and the aforementioned Sage ripping hard af drums, a heavily filtered bit of piano, and echoing horns. This song manages to capture the ‘90s sound perfectly. Wondering why the words in the title are separated by plus signs? Because this is the kind of classic hip-hop that has a skilled DJ cutting up the hook: m-m-mad…nice…limited.

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