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MURDA SHE WROTE: Busta Rhymes, Vybz Kartel, Masicka, Busy Signal, and Sean Paul

“Anywhere the girls dem go, the thugs have to follow,” is a maxim quoted by many a dancehall star. The ones who are clever know the importance of female fans, but the appreciation for female energy goes deeper than business. Dancehall shows a genuine love for the ladies. They are the center of attraction, the main motivation, the reason the sun rises and sets, the tide rolls in and out. Whether you are a slimmaz or part of the fluffy camp, all types of women, with all types of body shapes and all type of moves, are fully appreciated within this genre. The act of making love can be expressed in many different of ways—after all, who doesn’t like talking about sex? This month it seems the thugs are all about that. As Young B once asked “Who run the world!?!” This month is all about the GIRLS:

Busta Rhymes ft. Vybz Kartel & Tory Lanez “Girlfriend”


Hot off yet another dancehall summer, ragga-rap hybrids keep popping up all over the place. But as with all sonic concoctions, a song might sound good on paper, but there’s no guarantee it will sound sweet coming through your speakers. Still it’s safe to say that any person who puts out a dope collab between a legendary rapper and the most sought-after dancehall act on the Island is going to win hands down. That person would be Busta Rhymes whose most recent release, “Girlfriend,” features the dancehall Worldboss Vybz Kartel. Teamed with vocals from Tory Lanez, this tune is a perfect blend of dancehall, rap, and R&B—with the right amount of each ingredient to make it work.

“This is a project that is close to my heart, I’m very happy today,” Busta said during an intimate listening session at his NYC Studio. Dressed in full white he made sure his invited guests including Chief Keef and Lord Jamar, were partying Conglomerate style with plenty of alcohol and tunes before the song was released to the world via Facebook live. When he pressed play, there was no doubt—Busta and Kartel’s catchy bars blend in well with Rockwilder’s beat. “Girlfriend” is a song that definitely gets you in a good mood whether you’re intoxicated or not.

Like DJ Khaled, Busta has always been a supporter of reggae and dancehall culture from early. Over the years those influences have shown in his music and appearance (who can forget his trademark dreadlocks). From Buju Banton to Bounty Killer to Sean Paul, Busta has represented for most of the major dancehall acts. And this past summer Busta has flung himself into full yardie mode, from his co-starring role in Nick Cannon’s movie King of the Dancehall to this latest record which shows off the Jamerican youth’s patois skills: “All ah de gyal them weh a dance yuh need fi go slow,” he sings opening up for Di Teacha who comes in shouting out some of the rap world before giving Big Homie his props “Nicki Minaj booty squeeze it / Bet you say you love stew peas / Riri she have a fat coochie / Beyoncé, big up Jay-Z.” Respect where respect is due.


Masicka “Love You”

““I love yuh life like Jah Jah love the earth,” sings Masicka on his latest girl tune. “I love yuh life like my mudda love church.” I guess if you want to describe how deep your passion is for something nothing can get higher than comparing it to God or your mother. That’s one way to get your message out. But then in the next breath, Masicka changes up his approach, commenting “Me love to see you inna short shorts.” Whoever is in those shorts better know that Masika has his eye on her in a serious way! It’s not long before the young deejay veers into X-rated mode, detailing various anatomy parts of his true love. This love song is not for the faint-hearted and would probably do better on your date night playlist than a dinner with Mom playlist. Just sayin’.


Busy Signal “Baddest Whine”

Bad boys are often seen as the sexiest. Many girls find themselves conflicted about getting with a bad boy because they know that the road ahead may be a rocky one. To keep up with a bad boy who attracts many other so called “bad traits” such as other female’s attention can be a cause for concern long term. Most girls value a steady relationship, but ideally you also want that guy who can get you off with all his bad chat, yet still has the ability to make you feel like you’re the only woman in the world. In moments like that, who you gonna call? Voila! you can turn your attention to Busy Signal. Who knows what his real life relationships are like, but with songs like “One More Night” and “Missing You,” falling in love never seemed easier. And don’t sleep on Busy as the bad boy because in a flip of a coin this Hot Head can get any girl sexed up in a second. He’s one of a handful of artists in the industry who can sing and deejay at the highest level, In short, Busy delivers the best of both worlds. And you can’t get badder then cutting of your ankle bracelet I guess! “Yes girl quint quint and kotch let me see you,” he sings on this latest whine song—produced by the Eastlink Records crew. No wonder his IG is full of DMs from the ladies. “Baddest Whine” is yet another reminder that you don’t have to substitute romance for sex. It’s all about having your cake and eating it too.

Sean Paul & Shenseea “Rolling”

Shenseea: “You love how mi bumpa be rolling.” Sean: “I love how your bumpa be rolling.” Eureka!! Rule No. 1 for making dancehall hits: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You can never go wrong keeping it simple. Just ask multiplatinum-selling dancehall superstar Sean Paul whose specialty is getting straight to the point without delay. That’s why he remains one of the most successful acts to come out of Jamaica almost two decades after his debut. There isn’t a Sean Paul track that won’t have people bussing moves of some kind on the dance floor. And as long as the Dutty Yute continues to lace the world with his signature sound, it doesn’t seem his time will be over anytime soon.  On his latest release, “Rolling” produced by DubShot Records, Sean pairs up with breakthrough female artist Shenseea who is causing a stir in dancehall right now. This year Shenseea performed her first ever set at Reggae Sumfest, Jamaica’s largest international show. Dressed in a see-through black bodysuit and long pink hair, she joins the handful of ladies are making moves in dancehall right now. She’d do well to study Sean’s playbook.


2 Hard Music “After Glow” Riddim


Speaking of Sean Paul, his day one producer was Jeremy Harding, whose 2Hard label was responsible for early SP hits like “Infiltrate” on the Playground Riddim, the same track that Beenie Man rocked for his smash hit “Who Am I” (known to most as “Sim Simma.”) Harding stepped away from the dancehall game for a minute but his latest riddim, the “After Glow,” shows that he hasn’t lost a step. The lineup is all-killer no-filler, from Beenie’s “One More Night” to Chris Martin’s “Incredible” to Jahmiel’s “Home” and Shaggy & GC’s radio-ready “Live It Up.” After the deed is done you might as well enjoy the afterglow.

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