Magic Mushrooms

Berkeley Police Seize $1 Million Worth of Magic Mushrooms

What started out as police simply being dispatched for a couple fighting ended with those same police ruining potential life changing experiences for thousands of people when they decided to confiscate nearly 700 pounds of magic mushrooms.


Just let people turn on, tune in and drop out if they want!

The bust, which happened in Berkeley, California, was said to be worth around $1 million. “I’ve been a cop for 17 years, and it’s very rare to see mushrooms in this quantity,” Sgt. Andrew Frankel, a spokesman for the Berkeley Police Department told the San Fransisco Chronicle.

Police say they initially responded to a call about a domestic disturbance. After the couple was detained, police entered the house to check and see if there was anyone else remaining. There was not. But according to a statement, when they entered, “In plain view were psilocybin mushrooms in various stages of cultivation, as well as storage and distribution materials.”

Psilocybin is the special ingredient in mushrooms that gives them, and you, the magic.

Police say that they also confiscated more than $3,000 in cash in what they called a “large-scale psychedelic mushroom processing operation.”

Last week we wrote about the largest heroin bust in New York City’s history, in which police seized enough of the deadly chemical fentanyl to kill 32 million people, which seems like a good thing to not have floating around on the streets anywhere.

But with magic mushrooms, it’s time to reconsider why police are still arresting people for the fungus?

It’s been called one of the safest drugs in existence and has been proven to ease anxiety in dying cancer patients. Thankfully in more chill states like Oregon, which has some of the most progressive drug laws in the country, moves have been made to decriminalize all drugs, including coke, heroin, molly and even magic mushrooms.

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