kevin durant bizarre twitter q&a

Kevin Durant Can’t Remember Which OKC Gal He Let Fart in His Face

Finals MVP Kevin Durant can no longer be leveraged. That’s what happens when you win an NBA title—you get that media monkey off of your back once and for all. And when you win over the media, you can pretty much do whatever you want. You can call them piss-poor and boring like LeBron did or go on a Manziel-esque drug binge and still get lauded on Sportscenter.

A line of thinking similar to that one has probably coursed through Kevin Durant’s brain every morning since June 13, the first day of his life that Durant was able to accurately utter the term “NBA Champion” about himself. In the week that followed, KD slighted a basketball legend and got meme’d for what feels like the 100th time after his sorry attempt at chugging a celebratory beer went viral. Sunday night, he capped off his goofy run with a no holds barred Q&A on Twitter, in which he discussed his face being farted in—and defended his reputation against the most random people.

A sizable portion of the tweets Durant sent out last night were dedicated to an argument with one particular Twitter user—@mynameis_kaylee—who unsurprisingly had “Westbrook MVP” as her profile nickname. She got Durant’s attention by jabbing at him for leaving Oklahoma City and accused him of having a bromance with his new teammate, the Warriors’ Draymond Green. Durant entertained it with a truly despicable attempt at a “stay woke” joke, then continued firing back as “Westbrook MVP” zeroed in on his personal life.

Woah, does KD have a face-fart fetish? Not like it actually matters, but on the internet, these things can mean ominous E:60 segments and a major shift in a player’s narrative. Durant had to respond, right?

Classic deflection. Good job. But “Westbrook MVP” was quite persistent.

Well, Kevin?

Kevin?! He might as well have declared himself the president of the Face-Fart Hive. What was her name? You have to ask that, KD? Good lord! Talk about taking a left turn.

Thankfully, that was easily the most bizarre segment of this random, mid-flight—according to Durant, thought we don’t know what to believe anymore—Q&A. That doesn’t mean, however, that Durant escaped his toughness falling under attack, or more insufferable jokes. This has been customary ever since he left the Thunder. Except the jokes—that’s been customary since he was drafted.

Click the time stamp, that was a real “pause” from the Finals MVP.

Then there was the rambling, stumbling stick-your-tongue-out grade school response to more heckling from “Westbrook MVP.” You’re lying about the other stuff Kaylee!

He also told another user to “fall back,” and publicly declined a mid-major sports podcast.

We’re on the cusp of week two in Kevin Durant’s World. Who knows what’ll happen next?

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