Meet Coely, The Belgian Rapper Who Won’t Be Performing at SXSW Thanks to Trump

The tangerine fascist has been ruining a lot of things over the past few months, and now his scope includes SXSW. The Austin festival is a global showcase for artists on the precipice of breaking through, and they flock to Texas by the thousands in hopes of making it big. But under the scrotum-headed screamer’s regime, there’s more than a small chance they’ll be barred from entering the country.

One of several artists being blocked at the moment is Belgian rapper Coely. She’s been building a lot of buzz in her native country as well as the nearby Netherlands, releasing a very successful EP, several hit singles and delivering fiery live performances over the past three years. Her blend of passionate rapping and powerful singing has been a staple of the last two festival seasons there, and with her debut full length album Different Waters dropping this week, she was all set to introduce American audiences to her brand as well.

All that careful planning went out of the window once she tried to board her plane from Copenhagen, and Trump’s travel ban came into play again.

“Unfortunately, even though I’m in the possession of a valid passport and all the required documents, I’m the only one of my crew that was refused to board the plane in Copenhagen to Austin yesterday,” she wrote in an statement on Facebook. “We tried to fight this through the US embassy in Copenhagen but it couldn’t be worked out. At this point we still don’t know why I was refused to board the plane. Sadly enough it was all for nothing and I won’t be making it to the States. I want to apologise to all the promotors who believed in me and wanted to give me the opportunity to play at their showcase (shoutout to Pukkelpop & Disco Naïveté). It makes me sad that my dream has been put on hold and the money we invested is lost forever. It’s a hard pill to swallow but I WILL persevere, this will only make me stronger!”

She further mentions that Belgian group SX has run into a similar situation. Pitchfork is reporting that several other groups also seem to have been barred from entering the US, among them Soviet Soviet, Yussef Kamaal, Massive Scar Era, ELOQ, Trementina, and Yung Beef.

Maybe Shouty McRacist is just a big ol’ hipster who wants SXSW to be a smaller more infinite affair again, like it used to be. Or maybe he’s a clueless sack of putrid flesh running his own country into the ground. I’m betting on that second one.

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