Child Genius Orders Herself Pokémon Swag With Sleeping Mom’s Thumbprint

You gotta look out for kids these days. They know what’s up, don’t turn your back. Take little Ashlynd Howell for example. The six-year-old from Arkansas just wanted some tight new Pokémon toys and she knew just how to get them. According to the Wall Street Journal, the precocious grade schooler went on Amazon, loaded up a cart with what she wanted and used her mom’s thumbprint to order it all while the exhausted mother took a nap.

When her parents received emails confirming the purchase of 13 Pokémon items via email they thought they had been hacked. Then they thought maybe little Ashlynd had ordered the items by mistake. Nope. Their daughter was honest and unconcerned, “No, Mommy, I was shopping,” Ashlynd told her mom. “But don’t worry—everything that I ordered is coming straight to the house.”

Amazon would only allow the parents to return four of the 13 items so they had no choice but to keep them. Their solution? Tell the kid that Santa found out what she wanted and a buttload of Pokémon was coming down the chimney this year.

My folks would’ve killed me. This girl is going to be a nightmare one day.

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