Get An Exclusive Look at Darryl Makes Comics’ DMC #2

Kristin Sorra

What was it like coloring for a comic legend like Bill Sienkiewicz and a graf legend like KET?

Kristin Sorra: When I work with talented, established artists I try not to think about being a fan otherwise I’d freak out and not do my best! But actually, the bigger a fan of the artist I am, the more fun it is for me to color, and I am a HUGE fan of Sienkiewicz’s work. Coloring his work makes my job easier because it’s so solid to begin with. The DMC figure as it was presented was a simple but bold piece. I just wanted to approach it the same way. As for KET’s work, I have never colored over graffiti art before. Actually, it’s a whole other world for me, and now I appreciate the art form so much more. I had to research his work and try to mimic his style and translate it digitally. It was cool to do! I enjoyed the process and I hope both artists feel I did their work justice.

What else have you done in comics? Edgardo mentioned you were a pioneer in digital coloring.

Pioneer is a big word, but I guess from a historical perspective, it is humbling. I co-founded Atomic Paintbrush with artist Dennis Calero back in 1995. At our height, between 1995-1999 we colored too many for me to count, but mainly it was Acclaim’s line of comics, a handful of Marvel comics or covers, a few DC books and even pieces that never saw print, just work that was used for internal presentations. Also Bill Tucci’s Shi, several Event Comics like Painkiller Jane and Ash, which was Joe Quesada and Jim Palmiotti’s baby. I was responsible for training hand colorists to use Photoshop, and at the time some had never even owned a computer or turned one on. I oversaw all the work that went out for quality control, and of course coloring the books I could handle. Oh, I recently discovered and it actually lists out many of the titles we did. Here’s a link. The Internet can be so great that way.

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