Get An Exclusive Look at Darryl Makes Comics’ DMC #2

Edgar Delgado

Not to take anything away from him or you, but you are like the other half of Ramos’ flavor.  Not many people realize you are almost always the colorist on his work. Does it bother you to not get the spotlight?

Edgar Delgado: Not really. I’ve always said that a colorist works better when people don’t notice them, that is, the work feels as a whole and not as a “penciler/colorist” collaboration. The only thing that might bother me is people coming to me trying to get something out of Ramos, like his phone number [Laughs]

Do you use different coloring styles for different pencillers?

Yes, every artist has a different sensibility and it’s my job to try to enhance or help what they are trying to say. Some artists are a lot easier to color than others, and some require more thinking. My coloring depends entirely on the artist’s style.

Is any of your coloring not digital these days?

Everything that is printed is digital. My deadlines do not allow me for a lot of experimentation or old school coloring. Which, in part, is kind of sad.

What was it like to color for a graf legend like Bio? Were you aware of him and TATS crew before this project?

I was not aware of who he was until I was told. I don’t keep up with the graf community, but I respect them, and I tried my best to honor the work and do some research before I did my part.

Credits: Pencils by Bill Sienkiewicz, graffiti by KET, colors by Kristin Sorra.

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