Vince Staples Folds His Toilet Paper

Yesterday, Vince Staples hosted a less than enthusiastic “Ask Me Anything” on the “hiphopheads” subreddit to promote his upcoming Big Fish Theory. While the questions covered subjects from album inquiries to his relationship with Earl Sweatshirt, Staples’ answers remained the typed equivalent of deadpan and monotone. Primarily using lowercase letters, Staples dryly answered questions that obviously disinterested him, though still dropped some gems and hilarious answers. Peep some of the highlights of the session below:

Assassinationday: Also why the fuck you do this AMA?
Def Jam

DippyFlippers: be honest with me, how little do you want to be here doing this
lol you feel me

huecohoyo: What’s been your favorite experience in your career? Like an incident while touring, a specific show you did, etc

GrabTheBleach: Do you crumple toilet paper or fold it?
Fold always

FromPrussiawithlove1: All time favorite MC/rapper
Kanye West/Andre 3000

ColexKendrick17: Favorite LIL B quote.
“Im hyphy and all of that”

FromPrussiawithlove1: Eric B or Rakim?
2 chainz

FrickleFart90: Hey Vince, what’s up with the album cover?
its a fish

Ballchinian_ : Hey Vince, what’s your favorite romantic comedy?
500 Days of Summer, I like watching white people struggle through life.

Smit1104: Other than your album, what album have you been bumping the most this year?
Travis Scott album then Solange album.

BeeFxBaloney: What’s your opinion on Death Grips?
Ive never heard it but I support all black men trying to live out their dreams

Insult_To_Gingery: Hey Vince, what’s your favorite thing about Sprite?
Its a tie between the lemons and the limes.

BroncoNuggets: Thoughts on Earls upcoming work? What’s up with that dude anyways someone needs to get him outta the house lol
Thats my son and he’s living his life how he sees fit let him be.

812stang: How you feel that Logic is better than you at video games?

AfroAvenue_: thoughts on white people saying nigga?
say whatever you want if you gonna stand behind it when its time to squabble

TheWellets: Why are your snapchat stories always in black and white?
Because Im Black living in a white man’s world

glitterboii: Thoughts on Chance?? Would you like to work with him??
Thats my boy and his daughter has a beautiful soul.

CamClark: Has a woman ever called you daddy in bed and how’d you like it?
its lowkey weird I aint gon lie

Kiyotmatt: Fam, when you gunna hit the pookie and go platinum
Im never going platinum lol

Superbanzai: Do you wish people focused more on your music instead of some that care more about your interview personality?
Music is the least important part of making music nowadays.

Meechavelli: I ain’t really gotta question, but how is Young Corey doing on this fine day?
Young Corey a male escort now so he been getting his money.

meneeruil: do you ever wrap a condom around your head and pretend you are a fish?

Staples closed the session on a positive note, offering these words to make sure that the users weren’t in front of a screen for too long: “Alright im leaving make sure y’all go outside today.”

His new album, Big Fish Theory, will be releasesd on June 23rd .

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