NYC as a Homosexual

Three Hours of Walking in NYC Dressed as a Gay Man

By now, most have seen the ad produced for Hollaback! that profiles the type of street harassment women are subject to every day on the streets of New York. We raised concerns about the video, specifically the way that it targeted specific neighborhoods and profiled specific classes and races of people. Jezebel also responded by starting a dialogue among women of color to see how far they could widen the conversation to make all women feel like their story was being told in the video, too.

The important thing is the video has got us talking about these issues. Many copycats and some parodies have emerged, some of which are funny, some of which are definitely not, but one video has been released recently which is quite disturbing.

Personally, what’s most disconcerting about “3 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Homosexual” (watch the video in the player above) is that I immediately found myself attempting to justify the harassment by saying to myself, “Who really walks around with a Victoria’s Secret bag like that though?” The reality is there’s no justification for this level of taunting and physical abuse, and we should all stand up against it.

However, it’s important to note that this video was made by DennisCeeTV who, as far as we are aware, is not a gay man. This raises some issues about his stereotypical performance of homosexuality, particularly considering that he has used homosexuality as a prop before in order to target young African-American men for ridicule.

He is also the type of YouTube star responsible for “in the hood” and “gold digger” pranks which often show contempt for working class people of color and women in general. Much like the Hollaback! video, and all of his other videos, Cee seems to target a disproportionate amount of people of color. Fortunately though, in this video, Dennis Cee sheds light at the end on the issue of gay teen suicide that can be a direct result of this type of harassment. Let’s hope he continues to try and make a positive difference.

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