self-driving cars News

A Self-Driving Bus Launched Yesterday in Vegas, It Crashed an Hour Later

Surprise, surprise
wechat News

Chinese Messaging App Was Translating “Black Foreigner” to “N*gger”

Artificial unintelligence
Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! RecordGram

MIMS, Erik Mendelson and DJ Blackout's app is about to disrupt the music game
Mirus-Gallery_Felipe-Pantone_OPTICHROMIE-39_2016 Art

Felipe Pantone On His First Solo U.S. Show ‘W3-Dimensional’

"I hear often that my art is futuristic. I think my work belongs to the present."
katsu-drone-graffiti-billboard Graffiti

KATSU Uses Drone to Scrawl on Billboard

Graff writer KATSU uses a drone to scrawl on a Calvin Klein billboard.
the-worlds-most-artistic-apps Art

These Are the Most Artistic Apps in the World

We gave you the laziest, now here the most artistic!
Instagram Video 4 Tech/Games

Instagram Announces Videos of Puppies!

Brace yourselves, poorly filmed videos of puppies and food are coming to Instagram.
Subway Surfers App Game Tech/Games

Subway Surfers On The Graffiti Chase

Being hunted by police and their dogs is a life or death situation, but sometimes there's fun is in the chase. A new game for all ...
Berlin Boombox cardboard Kickstarter radio Tech/Games

Here Comes the Boom: Berlin Redesigns Radio

Help Axel Pfaender from Germany get the prototype for the Berlin Boombox into production, once you chip in to his Kickstarter camp...
DJ Scriptograph Drawing Apparatus geometry technology Tech/Games

Two Turntables And A Sharpie

The tables turn when the art of deejaying is flipped for fine art. No DJ!
Ubi Camera phogoraphy technology fingers pictures frame Tech/Games

Ubi Camera Makes the Perfect Picture with Viewfinders

New technology takes one major step backwards with photography. Thumbs up or thumbs down, it's a good look.