Sacha Jenkins

Tonight at 9 p.m. EDT, Showtime Networks premieres the MASS APPEAL documentary Burn Motherfucker, Burn!, directed by Sacha Jenkins. Film

Sacha Jenkins Explores the Roots of L.A. Unrest in ‘Burn Motherfucker, Burn!’

An interview with the director about his fiery new documentary
burnmotherfuckerburn_massappeal Video

B-Real and Everlast Remember Blazin’ and Shroomin’ At The L.A. Riots

"Is this the Apocalypse?"
Fresh Dressed Week Sacha Jenkins Interview Features

‘Fresh Dressed’ Director Sacha Jenkins Talks Style and Survival

SHR talks his new film to kick off Mass Appeal's #FreshDressedWeek.
Nas Fresh Dressed Features

‘Fresh Dressed’: Live From the Red Carpet

King Push and Nas tell us what it means to be 'Fresh Dressed.'
Fresh-Dressed Film

‘Fresh Dressed’: A Documentary on the Fashion of Hip Hop

"A tale which begins with slavery, and ends with what is being rocked today."
Training-Days--The-Subway-Artists-Then-and-Now Events

Sacha Jenkins and Henry Chalfant Present: “Training Days: The Subway Artists The...

Authentic first–person accounts from graffiti artists.
dondi-whole-car-style-wars-2014-noisey-nitehawk-cinema-screening Film

Join Henry Chalfant for a “Style Wars” Screening and Q&A in Brooklyn

Word is there will be some very special guests in attendance, so get those piecebooks ready!
Your Old Droog released the track "Secondhand Gunsmoke" Music

Your Old Droog “Secondhand Gunsmoke” (Gunsmoke Cologne – Superblack RMX)

What is that fragrance you are wearing?
sacha-jenkins-graffiti-for-designers-pratt-nyc-2014 Art

Sacha Jenkins Teaching “Graffiti for Designers” Course at Pratt Institute

Reach one, teach one.
Handselecta Flip The Script Feature Image Write of Passage

Flip The Script at Write of Passage

You don't want to miss Write of Passage 2013's last hurrah with the creator of Flip The Script, Christian Acker!
Write Of Passage Cans Write of Passage

Write Of Passage 2013

Mass Appeal and Red Bull Studios New York invite you to explore Writing culture and American Graffiti.
Black Man White Face Paint BW Music

The White Mandingos “The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me” Album Is Racially Superior

The White Mandingos pull the race card for their debut album "The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me."
The White Mandingos My First White Girl Music Video

The White Mandingos “My First White Girl”

Watch Murs and his jheri curl wig perform and get weird with some middle-aged white ladies.
Cope2 Smoking A Cigar Features

Cope With The Truth

The story of Cope 2, the controversial Bronx graffiti writer, and his rise to kingship on the subways, streets, and international ...
Mesh M-Yard SHR

OG GRAFFITI BEATS, Mesh sprays it and plays it

Mesh AOK reminisces about his roots in graffiti and hip hop culture growing up in New York City.
The-Merciless-Book-Of-Heavy-Metal-Lists-Thumbnail Events

The Merciless Book of Metal Lists Release Party

Attention Heavy Metal fans. Mass Appeal’s own Sacha Jenkins (Book of Rap Lists, Big Book of Racism) along with Howie Abrams and Re...