Police Brutality

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The Worst Cops of 2017

The hall of shame
Kneeling Chicago Police Department Officers News

Rahm Emanuel’s Response To Kneeling Officers Is Everything Wrong With Policing

The Chicago mayor proves once again that he's a hypocrite
Oklahoma City Police Cruiser News

Oklahoma Cops Shoot a Deaf Man Holding a Walking Stick

Neighbors yelled that he couldn't hear them
Greg Abbot News

Another Day, Another Cop Caught On Camera Saying “We Only Kill Black People”

Can't even make this stuff up
Akron Police Dept, McMullen News

Ohio Police Want Us to Believe This Handcuffed 17-Year-Old Killed Himself

A likely story...
Charneisha Corley is suing Texas cops for rape by cop. News

11-Minute Video Released In Texas “Rape By Cop” Case As Charges Dropped

How is this legal?
Black Lives Matter News

In Charlottesville, Blood Is On the Cops’ Hands, Too

The ongoing relationship between the police, white supremacists and Trump
jim-chambers-cop-gym News

White Gym Owner Doesn’t Care Who “No F*cking Cops” Sign Offends

Who says a business can't boycott the police?
white cop holds gun on unarmed black man News

This White Cop Wanted To Shoot This Unarmed Black Man So Bad

He aimed a gun at him for 9 minutes during a traffic stop
RodChapel-NAACP News

NAACP: It’s Not Safe For Black People In Missouri

Friendly reminder it's 2017
Maxine Waters News

Maxine Waters Ethers Trump (Again) In One Tweet

The California rep destroys Agent Orange after his pro-police brutality remarks
police-brutality News

Don’t Be Fooled, the Cops Cheering Trump’s Pro-Brutality Remarks Aren’t Outliers

After Trump's terrifying speech, pro-police groups attempt damage control
Nazi Cop News

Another Day, Another Nazi Cop Investigation

The F.B.I. warned us of racist cops years ago
Donald Trump News

Trump Told A Room Full Of Cops That Police Brutality Was OK

They cheered his remarks
bakersfield-police-brutality News

Cops Assault a Female Black Teen When Looking for a Much Bigger and Older Man

"I started yelling out, ‘Somebody help me, somebody help me! They’re gonna kill me!’”
police brutality News

Georgia Cop Filmed Beating Homeless Woman With Baton

The June incident happened inside a DeKalb County gas station