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Feds Plan to Confiscate Sole Wu-Tang Album and ‘Carter V’ from Martin Shkreli

Pharma-douche fails hip hop once again
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The Wu-Tang Clan Swing Swords at Martin Shkreli on “Lesson Learn’d”

“When the streets goin’ to learn, the Wu-Tang don't play?”
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Somebody Has Liberated the Wu-Tang Album!

So when will it leak?
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Martin Shkreli Might Have Paid $2 Million For a Fake Wu-Tang Album

After the laughter...
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Meet the Man Who Holds the Secrets of Wu-Tang’s Million-Dollar LP

An inside look at the madness of ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’
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Want to Bid On a Really Expensive Wu-Tang Album?

Shkreli just put it on eBay!
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These Jurors Properly Violated Martin Shkreli’s Life

Yes Juror No. 144, the defendant has always looked like a d*ck
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Weezy Threatens To Sue Martin Shkreli If He Leaks Any More of ‘Carter 5’

Tunechi also wants his album back
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Rap Villain Martin Shkreli Leaks Two Tracks From ‘Carter V’

You're the worst
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Pharma-Fuccboi Martin Shkreli Celebrates Trump Victory by Releasing Snippets of ...

America will now face the music.
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Professional Idiot Martin Shkreli Says He’ll Liberate Prized Wu-Tang Music if Tr...

For what it's worth, the latest nat'l polls have Hillary winning by as little as 3%, and as much as 9%.
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Ghostface Killah Claps Back at Martin Shkreli (Again)

Who cares about Drake and Meek when you have this?
Martin Shkreli Typing Real Talk

Faux Real: Martin Shkreli and His Rainy Day

Karma is coming for this piece of shit.