Kool Keith

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The 10 Best DOOM Songs of 2017, Ranked

Even after 'The Missing Notebook Rhymes' went missing, the masked villain still caused havoc
Rock Abruham Music

PREMIERE: Rock Abruham ft. Kool Keith “Yes”

Cuts by DJ RBI
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MF DOOM and Kool Keith Form a Dynamic Duo on “Notebook 04”

"It seems like the forces of evil keep winning"
dram-cash-machine Music

Best Music Videos of the Week: Chance the Rapper, D.R.A.M., Injury Reserve and More

Plenty of cash falling
AnalogBrothers_4 Features

Pimp The Future: Mello Music Group Reintroduces the Analog Brothers

We check in with Kool Keith and Pimp Rex on the status of the Analog Bros. in 2016
kool keith super hero mf doom Music

Kool Keith “Super Hero” ft. MF DOOM

Can anyone stop this duo?
Ray West Kool Keith A Couple of Slices Music

PREMIERE: Ray West & Kool Keith ‘A Couple of Slices’ Album Stream

A myriad of vibes melded together by West's silky chops and Keith's effortless flow.
L'Orange and Kool Keith Instrumentals Music

PREMIERE: L’Orange & Kool Keith ‘Time? Astonishing!’ Instrumentals

Instrumentals? Astonishing.
Kool Keith Time Astonishing Music

PREMIERE: L’Orange and Kool Keith “The Traveler” ft. J-Live

Audio time traveling from Dr. Octagon and L'Orange.
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21st Century Ebony and Ivory

Rap legend Kool Keith and Metal legend Phil Anselmo are proof positive that YES, we CAN all get along. PLUS they speak on flying r...