King Krule

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King Krule is Back with More Jazz Rap for That Ass

Nobody asked for this non-genre of music. Nobody else could have made it.
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King Krule Is Back From the Dead With “Dum Surfer” Video

“He's mashed, I'm mashed, we're mashed”
archy marshall drops "czech one" his first track under the king kruel moniker in nearly four years Music Video

King Krule Drops New Song “Czech One” and Reveals World Tour Dates

Archy Marshall makes his anticipated return as King Krule
king-krule-frank-ocean-ma Music

Frank Ocean May Be Sitting On Unreleased Music With King Krule

"Frank wanted me to do something for his record, but I don’t think he liked it"
king krule the return of pimp shrimp feel safe 88 Music

King Krule Releases “FEEL SAFE 88 (just say no)” as The Return of Pimp Shrimp

But where did Pimp Shrimp go in the first place?
Ratking/King Krule Print

Trans-Atlantic Culture Club

If the youth are the future, then we're subject to the eventual reign of King Krule and Ratking. That they're in cahoots on the ma...
XL Pay Close Attention Music

XL Recordings Announces “Pay Close Attention” Compilation

Are you listening closely?
Lee Spielman performing Features

Trash Talk’s Lee Spielman: “No Peace,” Shitty Landlords, and Odd Future

Trash Talk's "No Peace" is the album you didn't know you needed.
Trash Talk No Peace Music

Trash Talk “Cloudkicker”

The hardcore punk group releases the first single from their new album, No Peace.
King Krule Neptune Estate Remix Music

King Krule “Neptune Estate (Remix)” ft. Lucki Eck$ & Wiki

Another exclusive from Jamie xx.
Rat King and King Krule link up for "So Sick Stories" Music

RATKING feat. King Krule “So Sick Stories”

Song so sick.
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King Krule Drops Rap EP as “Edgar the Beatmaker”

Singer-songwriter King Krule has been on an experimental mission since we were first introduced to the 18-year-old guitar prodigy ...
king-krule-octopus-video-585x452 Music

King Krule “Octopus”

Two years on from his debut, and one name change later, English singer/songwriter/producer King Krule brings along some aquatic fr...