worst cops Features

The Worst Cops of 2017

The hall of shame
cabaret_law Crime

New York’s Cabaret Law Was a Racist Disgrace

Good riddance
facial recongition News

Cops and the iPhone X’s Facial Recognition Technology

How the police can use Apple's new feature against you
riot police News

New Database Tracks How Much Crime Cops Commit in America

More than just a few bad apples
Greg Abbot News

Another Day, Another Cop Caught On Camera Saying “We Only Kill Black People”

Can't even make this stuff up
a nypd officer on a tiny little scooter, just like the one used to chase a bunch of kids in central park only to lead to an officer falling and hurting himself. News

NYPD Cop Sues Central Park After Falling Off A Scooter While Chasing Kids

To protect and swerve
don News

Florida Cop Who Thought Doughnut Glaze Was Meth Quits

It's not what it looks like!
chicago_murder_rate_2016 Crime

Chicago’s Murder Rate in 2016 Hit Its Highest Levels in Two Decades

Any hope of a better year went out the window
nwa_dishwasher_fuckthepolice Crime

Hero Dishwasher Blasts ‘Fuck the Police’ as Cops Dine at BBQ Spot

Cops are way too sensitive
stop_and_frisk_weed Crime

Small Time Weed Arrests Jump By 30% Despite NYPD Promise To End Small Time Weed ...

The NYPD just can't stop themselves
cryingkid Features

ACAB: Except for this One… Top Philly Cop Consoles Bernie Kid at DNC

A good cop story from a photographer who doesn’t like cops
filming cops Knowledge

Federal Judge Rules That Filming Cops Is Not Protected By the Constitution

The ruling means that people have no right to film cops unless they are doing so explicitly as a protest or to otherwise use the v...
Heath Drugs

Anti-Narcotic Deputy Busted Smuggling 247 Pounds of Pot

This deputy just got busted on the wrong side of the law
homan square News

7,000 People Were Detained by Chicago Cops at Homan Square ‘Black Site’

"It’s a scary place. There’s nothing about it that resembles a police station. It comes from a Bond movie or something.”
Brownside News

’90s Rap Group’s LAPD Stalker “Promo Video” Results in Arrests

They say all press is good press, but this promo has the LAPD locking people up.
freddie-gray-protests News

Cops Charged With Freddie Gray’s Death Will Face Separate Trials

Charges against the six cops have not been dismissed.