RNC-Day3-TodSeelie-Sikh Captain America

Sikh Captain America Discusses What It Was Like To Attend the RNC

Photo: Tod Seelie

To help change the perception that many Americans have of people with turbans and beards, illustrator and activist Vishavjit Singh dresses as Captain America. A practicing Sikh, the 40-something political cartoonist attended the Republican National Convention this week. While he admits he doesn’t think he’s changing any minds, he does feel that he’s creating some sort of dialogue, and ultimately, that’s better than nothing.

Since Trump started winning primaries, Singh says the amount of racial slurs used against him has increased and after last night’s nativist-inspired dystopian speech accepting the GOP’s nomination, can expect even more. Mass Appeal spotted the real life superhero walking around downtown Cleveland carrying his signature “Let’s kick some intolerant ass with compassion” sign and asked him to briefly explain what it has been like for the past few days to walk around the hell that has been the RNC.

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