Sauter, Karma, and Puls Go Hard in the Paint

Sauter, Karma, and Puls Go Hard in the Paint

For some people, all they need is to take tags; for others it’s trains that get them off; and murals are what the game is all about for another side. Nobody really sees eye to eye either. We may not cover everything under the sun, but we do our best to find picks that represent each section of the wide world of graf in some way or another. This may not ring true for each entry, and some posts lean one way entirely. But in the long run, the goal is show love all around. So enjoy the week’s selections. Or not. Do you.



There’s a lot of different types of intelligence out there, and Ntel’s work proves there’s a lot of ways to look at graffiti, too. Pic by way of Alone In Deep Space.



Another good example of a mural working with the texture and color of the wall instead of against it. Two similar styles by Uriginal and Cinta Vidal come together for a singular whole.



Puls is definitely becoming a regular feature around these parts. The train hitter has his own unique style, energetic letters, and mad can control. Benched by Mr. Sorgenfrei.



Crazy man Loucos tearing down walls with delight. He’s been working intentionally out-of-the-box lately with pieces like these, and also ladder throwies on the strange edge of where different spots meet.



Taking his L.A. swag to Portugal, Sauter smashes this end-to-end blockbuster with the help of local Task57. We wouldn’t expect any less from his travels.



Twnty putting his stamp on things. This looks more like a symbol than a logo. Call him “The Artist Formerly Known As Twnty.”



Philly handstyle queen Karma has been crushing New York lately. This brolic ultrawide tall tag is just the most recent of some heavy lifting.



Homie always makes me laugh with this throwie. Soon’s bubble-eyed style reminds me of a grumpy cartoon crab that’s about to clamp you for saying something dull. Flicked by Dedo Sujo Corp.



Sider sliding down sideways, with the fiery slanted rider. Always been a fan of pieces that break out of the left-to-right format, and a sloping wall offers the perfect opportunity for just that.


These GoPro action videos have really ushered in a new era for graffiti media, documenting not just the output but also the process, making the viewer fully appreciative of what goes into the work as what comes out of it. That immersiveness is on full display in this new Brussels clean train clip by Roads and Glue, and they bang out some crispy fat cap panels with the quickness. This is the second installment of their “Fast Drips” series; the first saw them hitting some Hamburg stylees.

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