Ridiculous Fist Fight Turns Into Demolition Derby and Just Keeps Escalating

This is some GTA level chaos. Some nonsense turned into a full on brawl in this fight posted to Twitter.

We don’t know what set this off but as soon as the video picks up, two women have a third on the ground and are acting like total fools stomping on her. One of them goes to get in their car while the other keeps it up. When the second woman gets into the passenger side and a bystander jumps in to pull the stompee back, it seems like this scene might be neutralized. Think again.

The one who was initially getting it from every angle hops into her own car and proceeds to back up when someone else hits her rear window with a hammer. That was a mistake because she proceeds to drive straight at her adversaries, taking the opposite car’s door to places it’s not supposed to go. Well shit, right? Guess that’s over, she’ll just get the fuck out there. Nope.

It’s time for SUV bumper cars in broad daylight. That’s the point at which all bets are off. Over and over they slam into each other, full on demolition derby style.

Locked into a fight with their cars opposite motion holding them into place, the BMW takes a hard turn and speeds off sending the other car careening into a fire hydrant—like something out of a cartoon.

Now, can we get a video of these nutjob’s insurance companies deciding who’s gonna pay for what?

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