Redman Still Lives in His House From ‘MTV Cribs’

So many rappers boast about making money, achieving stardom and remaining grounded through it all. “I’m still good in the hood,” they might say. But rarely does the sentiment hold true. Redman is a rare exception—the epitome of keeping it real—and he gave us all a reminder during a recent appearance on Ebro In The Morning.

The Jersey rapper got to discussing his current residence and revealed that he still lives in the same Staten Island house that he once showed off in a legendary episode of MTV Cribs back in 2001.

“That’s what the hell I live in,” he said. “I like staying in the hood. I tried moving to the more white area, but I found that every night I was getting harassed by police. I feel comfortable in my environment.”

Of course, the episode of Cribs that toured Redman’s home was bizarre in the most endearing way possible. Red’s modest living was a stark contrast to the uber luxury that most celebs portrayed: Clothing and other household items were thrown around, his cousin was sprawled across the living room floor sleeping, there was a shoebox full of cash, and, of course, a missing doorbell that operated by touching together two exposed wires. “You ain’t gotta knock,” he insisted back in ’01. “It works!”

“I live in the same one,” he told the Ebro in the Morning crew. “I can’t even fit like four or five people in there without it being crowded. It’s real small, two bedrooms, two bathrooms. It’s only one way in and one way out. No back door. That’s how I like it. I wouldn’t know what to do with a big house.”

Redman’s Cribs segment (see above) has become one of the most memorable. Red even rapped about it on 2007’s “Gilla House Check“: “Boy I’m lyin, I’m just tryin’ to make cheddar / Cause my doorbell is rubbing two wires together.” In 2015, Thrillist published an oral history of that episode, in which Red remembered the episode’s taping.

“I wanted to at least clean up a bit, since I ain’t have any real furniture in there and shit,” he remembered. “I thought I had a little bit of time and I didn’t. When they knocked on the door I was still sleepy-eyed and they were like, ‘You know what, this is good, let’s just roll with it. You just get back into bed and we’ll make it like we just disturbed you,’ and we played it right on out from there.”

And the rest is history—a classic example of when keepin’ it real goes right.

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