Please Don’t Be Racist Trash With Your Halloween Costume

Today is Halloween. Boo! It’s probably one of the only decent holidays in existence. People have an excuse to party their asses off, play around with the ideas of murder, sex, and death. They get to eat mountains of candy and dress up as someone or something. Most people handle this with dignity and respect, but here’s a friendly PSA from your friends at MASS APPEAL: Please do not tarnish this wonderful occasion by acting like a racist piece of trash, like the following people.

Multiple students from private schools in the Baltimore area have come under fire for dressing as inmates with racist tags on their backs. One student had “Freddie Gray” scribed on their prison jumpsuit while another white Baltimore students had the word “N••••R” written on his back, along with a dick.

Look at these idiots. Wonder why there was a riot in Baltimore?


Then there’s this cop, who is tasked with protecting college students at the University of Nevada. He cop thought it would be a good idea to dress up as and make fun of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who ironically enough, has been blacklisted from the NFL for taking a stance against police brutality.


There was also this person who did the same thing, but with a different sign.



And while we don’t think Kim Kardashian West is racist. More likely she’s just, well, not too smart. She probably should have thought twice before dressing up as Aaliyah–a deceased black woman–considering that Kim K is white.

General rule of thumb for white people: Don’t dress as a black person for Halloween.



Another general rule for Halloween: For the love of God don’t dress up in blackface!


Again, actress Lili Reinhart’s intent was probably good and just not well thought out. She’ll probably do better next year.

Also, please don’t dress up as a “Mexican.” Not for Halloween, not for Cinco de Mayo. Just don’t do it.

Don’t dress up as a Native American:


There’s your basic guide for how not to dress up for Halloween. It’s pretty simple. If you think it could possibly be offensive, just don’t do it! There are many other costume ideas out there.

However, these two black guys dressing up as white Trump supporters is pretty hilarious and not racism, because despite what many white people feel, reverse racism isn’t actually a real thing.

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