PREMIERE: The “Grim” Adventures of wifisfuneral

While Miami-Dade and Broward counties are being globally represented through several buzzing artists, Palm Beach has yet to majorly put on for the tri-county region… until the rise of wifisfuneral. As the internet continues to bridge cultural gaps between music fans from coast-to-coast, more artists from alternative markets have been able to flourish out of the woodworks. Particularly, this phenomenon can be applied to Florida and its young, bubbling rap circuit. Artists such as Denzel Curry, Robb Bank$, Kodak Black, and Pouya have proven that the dedicated appreciation for their music isn’t confined to the Florida scene, or even the lower East Coast. In fact, they are headlining acts both domestically and internationally.

Starting this month, wifisfuneral will be joining this elite class of South Floridians, as he will be embarking on his first headlining national tour to promote his Black Heart Revenge album. He will be touching down in prime markets at some very reputable venues, but before doing so, wifi has graciously given Mass Appeal the premiere of the Nassacre-directed gloomy visuals for his standout single “Grim.” Additionally, he contributed some compelling tales of life crisis, some personal insight as to who exactly wifisfuneral is, and what Black Heart Revenge has to offer. For maximum authenticity, a fellow Palm Beach native was put on the job for this.

wifisfuneralMass Appeal: How old are you, what’s your ethnic background, and where exactly was your stomping grounds in the 561?

wifi: I’m 19, Puerto Rican, and I’m from Lake Park. I went to [Palm Beach] Gardens [High School]. I was also living with my uncle in Singer Island, and when I was living there, shit started to get really real for me because that’s when I was starting to understand what was going on around me. I was in a really fucked situation. My mom wasn’t that stable—she was trying, but life was hard at that time. It was a rough environment.

Yeah, once you get into the northern Palm Beach area it can get pretty cutthroat.

For real, I was just about to say, there really is no “good” place in Palm Beach. There are some specific nice areas and neighborhoods that are quiet, but everywhere in Palm Beach is low-key bad. For example, my mom lives in a pretty decent place, but right behind her is section 8 housing.

Slang seems to be a big part of your vernacular. What does this stem from?

South Florida, especially Palm Beach, has a unique way of saying certain slang, like “Jit,” and “Bih,” and shit like that. With the way we say it, you can really tell where we’re from. I feel like that’s how a lot of rap is with the slang shit. I ain’t even on some thug shit, either. I’m just telling my story. If people want to take my music too literally, then that’s on them, but I’m not trying to influence any person to do exactly what I’ve done. You can be your own person. If anything, I want people to learn from my mistakes and be like, “Bruh I fuck with his story.”

“Grim” is not only the name of this single but an actual character you play in your music. How does that work?

I mean, Grim is my subconscious. He’s an imaginary character that I came up with who represents anything that’s dark about me. I picture him looking like a little skeleton more than a person. It isn’t necessarily wifisfuneral, because wifisfuneral is more than just that. It’s definitely more of an offspring of wifisfuneral and we’ve just been running with it.

Tip toe to my grave I ain’t worried bout shit

A photo posted by wifisfuneral (@wifisfuneral) on

As for the visual for “Grim,” who was responsible for the creative direction?

I ain’t on any of that bath shit. That was all Nassacre’s idea. Shouts outs to him. That was creative. I ain’t even gon’ lie, I was out of my element for this one. At first I wasn’t with it, but when I saw how it looked I was down. Them shots is kinda the most fire, but I definitely had to put my pride aside for this one.

I kinda feel like this video explains itself. It’s really dark and atmospheric. You’re not confused but you feel like you’re in a black hole the whole time; just trapped.

How do you deal with your personal demons and what do you recommend for fans and anyone feeling like they’re battling serious demons?

The first thing you’ve got to do is admit that the demons exist. You have to decide, as a human being, if you want to change or continue fucking up. For me, I just never knew how to accept positivity. I would always be hard on myself when I was younger. Now, I just admit that I’m self-conscious. That’s how I deal with my demons. Once you real-deal accept that shit, it will only get easier. You’ve got to realize that life goes on. You can wake up and go get what you want. You can be anything you want to be, and it starts with saying that shit out loud so everyone can hear you.

Since this song and video touch on the subject of death, have you ever thought about how you’re going to leave this Earth?

Most definitely. I’ve thought about it multiple times. I don’t recommend anybody to go into that mindset, bruh. Eventually, everyone gets into that mindset, but when you do get into it, just remind yourself that, “N*gga, life goes on.” Straight up, you just have to remember what the fuck you stand for and where exactly you’re trying to push your life.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that, people think I’m so sad but I’m really not. Like, yeah, I was sad when I made Black Heart Revenge, you feel me? But, now a lot of shit is going better for me. Shit is changing, but I’m not saying I’m making happy music now, because I’m gonna make bangers regardless. If anything, it’ll be more motivational. I want people to enjoy my music when they listen to it, and not just say, “I only bump wifisfuneral when I’m sad as shit.”

You can purchase tickets for his Black Heart Revenge tour below.



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