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PREMIERE: ScienZe ‘Good Food’

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal. But if you’re away from the kitchen, feel free to help yourself to ScienZe’s Good Food. A follow-up to his Ella series, the Brooklyn emcee’s new album is a 13-course meal that features a few of ScienZe’s close associates, like Fresh Daily and JohnNY U. He also provides information on organic foods to mull over as you dine. The production throughout can be best described as good vibrations.

Using food as a theme for the album, ScienZe finds clever ways to wax poetics on personal encounters with the opposite sex, how blessed he is in life, and his determination to continue delivering quality over quantity through his music. We spoke to ScienZe about Good Food, some of his favorite meals to prepare, and the importance of sharing knowledge.

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Mass Appeal: This project is clearly food-oriented. Why did you choose to go that route?

ScienZe: It all started with a track I recorded about two years back titled “Apples & Oranges.” The track was a one-off allowing me to get my lyrical chops off. My album Ella dropped a couple months before, and it felt good to just rap without focusing on song structure and progressive storylines. The title “Apples & Oranges” is simply used to compare my style and music to anyone else’s in the rap game. “We’re as different as apples & f*cking oranges, don’t call me underground, don’t call me conscious.” This one song, like many other project beginnings, sparked the food theme. With help it then grew into a dope concept album. Good Food is now music that is good for any diet. It’s necessary.

The titling for many of the tracks has the format of “something” and “something.” Is there a deeper meaning to the duality of the titles? Or are they things that you think go well together?

There’s no deep meaning to it. A lot of foods come in pairs and I like the sound of “something” and “something.” It also went with the first track “Apples & Oranges.”

The intro “Prayer” sounds like you’re celebrating how far you’ve come right before you enjoy a big dinner. Do you feel like you’ve passed a certain milestone in your career? How much further do you want to go?

I do feel like I’ve passed a milestone. I feel that way every time I drop a project. When I sit and think about where I was 7 years ago, I realize what a blessing it is to have come this far. The music is reaching places I’ve never been. The movement is moving people in countries I haven’t visited. I want to go further. Further enough to truly exclaim that I make music for a consistent living, and can feed my family off it. I want to buy my moms a house. I want to make sure my loved ones don’t need a thing, cuz I got em. Milestones are to be reached, and surpassed. This milestone is nothing short of a blessing. I am presently “that dude.” God is good.

You spend time on a skit to educate people on organic foods via Lord Quest. Why is spreading knowledge on this so important to you?

I feel spreading knowledge is an important part of living life. If someone doesn’t put you on to some information, you simply go on lacking this information not knowing any better. This skit is a perfect chance for me to put a little bit of information about organic foods and how organic diets are just a step towards better eating habits. I also used that time in the song to tie the theme together even more for the album.

There are many guest features on this project. Did you want to convey the sense of inviting a bunch of friends over for a feast? Was there a purpose to it?

I really just wanted some of the homies on the album at the time. Conveying a sense of inviting a bunch of friends over for a feast is dope [Laughs]. But I can’t take the credit for such an idea. I wanted each track to hit with its full potential, and in order to do that sometimes it takes features from the army you’re in.

What is one of your favorite dishes to cook? To eat?

Let’s see. My specialty is lemon chicken with corn and sweet potato. My favorite food to eat changes every two days. Today it’s homemade soup with dumplings and chicken.

If you are about to cook in the following situations, what do you make:

a. A first date – Lemon Chicken with sweet potato, corn, and steamed broccoli. Dessert would be both of us making brownies and ice cream.
b. Having friends over – Baked chicken thighs and legs with sweet potato fries and corn.
c. You’re invited to a potluck Hmmmm… I’d have to learn how to make something fly like gumbo. I’m tryinna step my game up.
d. You’re having family over – We’d order a couple pizzas that suit everyone’s preference, with buffalo wings and ginger ale.

Your last project was themed around a woman and this one is about food. Do you have plans for your next project’s theme?

The next one is about me. The Kid from Brooklyn.

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You can purchase Good Food on iTunes and check out his tour dates above.

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