PREMIERE: Mikey Dollaz “Biggie and Diddy” Video

I don’t know why, but New Yorkers have a special kind of love for Chicago artists. Even when drill was huge in its own city, the limited access on the East Coast meant that publications and hipsters alike would geek out at even B-list drill supporters. It’s easy to see why coming to NYC could feel like a surreal vacation for these young artists, and that’s exactly the vibe Mikey Dollaz is mining on “Biggie and Diddy,” which we’re premiering the music video for today.

Over a schizophrenic electronic production from Planet Mu/Rwina Records artist Anti-G, Dollaz yelps out, “I feel like I’m home when I’m in New York City!” While he rides the unconventional beat, we get plenty of shots of him zooted up on the streets (Chinatown especially) and partying in the way only a living-it-up tourist can. “The whole idea came from me being on drugs while in New York,” Mikey Dollaz explains via email. “I spent a week out there last summer and we went to Starlets and Coney Island. We recorded a bunch of music, and the first two people that came to mind when I was there were Biggie and Diddy.” If you dig the video above, the track comes off Dollaz’s Picture Me Rollin tape. Below, we chop it up with Mikey on his unique style and NYC nightlife experiences.

Mass Appeal: There’s really no one else rapping over the kind of beats you’re on — thinking of Planet Mu and Obey City. How did you get into that kind of music? What makes you attracted to working over those type of beats, and how do you have to adjust your rap style?

Mikey Dollaz: My team at Gold River Ent. have a great ear for production, so I get all type of crazy dope beats from different producers from all over the world coming my way. I pick the ones I like and go crazy on them. It’s never been hard for me to adjust my style of rap to the beats. It ain’t rocket science to make words rhyme to a beat.

Your sound isn’t too similar to other Chicago artists from the past few years. Where or who are you taking inspiration from?

My sound really isn’t inspired by any place or person. But drugs play a big roll in how my music sounds. You can tell how high I am off the energy of my music. When I first started rapping I always recorded off drugs, so that’s what I was kind of used to and stuck on.

What’s your favorite food to eat when you’re in NYC?

To be honest, I’m not a real picky eater. I eat all type of stuff. I’m one of those rare people who eat anything, so I’m always down for whatever.

Where were you on New Years 2016? It looks lit.

It was lit!!! My cameraman, Phil Jordan, who flew out to New York City with me actually knew a few plugs who was from Chicago too but lived out there. We end up going to some dope ass party where everybody was cool as fuck and high as air. It was so live I had to get some shots while turning up in the crowd. Plus everybody was showing mad love. But I was surprised that a few people in that type of crowd and party actually knew who I was. It was really dope.

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