PREMIERE: Lili K Wants Us All to Do Better in “Magic” Video

You might already know Lili K and her powerful, textured voice from Chance’s #10Day project, but you should really look into her own music to balance out that real trap shit you’ve been bumping lately. At least do it because she’s a talented singer in her own right. The Midwest artist is prepping her next project, Planet Of Flowers (February 2017) and the latest release off of that contains a much needed message regarding women’s treatment in society.

In “Magic,” the video features other women surrounding Lili as they stand in resolute poses to embody a woman’s strength. There’s a part about midway through the track that runs through the several insults men hurl at women while Lili is roughed up by some anonymous arms. It really can be exhausting to be on the receiving end of all that abuse. Hopefully the song and video encourage women, young and old, to embrace their self-worth more and men to help foster that appreciation.

We spoke with Lili K via email about the track’s message and her thoughts on a potential first female president. You can read that below.

Mass Appeal: Was there a specific incident that inspired the song?

Lili K: The incidents that inspired this song are incidents that I – and most women – deal with every day. This song is kind of a culmination of life experiences. Men I don’t know tell me to smile almost every day while I’m walking down the street. I’ve been called a bitch by men I don’t know because I don’t want to give them my phone number. I’ve been told to stay in my place as a woman.

We see constant victim blaming, and we’ve seen the sick “boys-will-be-boys” mentality. We see double-standards every day that enable men and crucify women.

There are tons of wonderful men who admire and encourage and support women, and this song isn’t about those men. This song was written to call out the toxic hyper-masculinity, sexism, and misogyny that exists in this world. And to remind women that despite all of these things, we are magical.

How does the prospect of having our first female president make you feel?

I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to see a woman be president in my lifetime. I think that Hillary becoming president will open the doors for other women to rise in the political world, and that’s what I’m most excited about. It’s also an important step for representation, as little girls will be able to see that a woman can truly be a boss.

What can girls and women do to fix the inequality they face in a male dominated environment?

Well, I’ll start by saying that this is an area in which men need to take a stand. When men witness inequality, they need to do something about it, hold each other accountable. Because, unfortunately, men will still listen to other men before they’ll listen to a woman.

Women can take a stand against the misogyny and sexism that we face every day by not staying silent about it. We need to stop playing into the roles, standards, and stereotypes forced upon us. We need to get loud and stop simply accepting things as they are. We need to teach our young girls that they are strong and magical.

When did you first realize that you’re made of this magic?

My mama definitely raised me to be strong and independent, and I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by strong women my entire life. Even with their immense intelligence and strength, I’ve seen these women get treated unfairly simply because they’re women. I truly realized my magic when I was able to rise above the people / things that were holding me down, and fight for myself harder than I had ever fought before. I regained my power, and I think that’s when I became unstoppable. Once you prove to yourself that you have that magic, you’ll be able to fight through anything. You have to believe in yourself, believe that you deserve happiness and success, and believe that you can achieve it.

What does a world of equality between men and women look like to you?

The world of equality between men and women looks like equal pay, equal representation, equal standards, where women can navigate through the world without being treated like an object. It looks like a world where men and women are not treated differently for doing the exact same thing, and where the respect for fellow human beings surpasses man vs. woman.

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