PREMIERE: Audio Push “Spread Love” Video

Audio Push music videos are on another level. The concepts and execution are always on point and have us asking why the rest of hip hop can’t deliver videos of such caliber. So we’re extra proud today to present the first video from Audio Push’s upcoming debut album 90951 (9/23). And it speaks volumes that the first video single focuses on the very relevant issue of violence within our country, among the citizens and with the police. But they also open the song up to address the general lack of love in the communities and how the people in positions of power in music aren’t demanding enough change.

The hook is a direct message to those fighting the good fight–single mothers, poor people, the dreamers. The Christopher Scholar-directed video represents their interpretation of mass media, as the duo raps on set for a TV show production and several scenes from the streets are viewed through a TV set frame. Hopefully this song uplifts the right people and if not, then as Price raps: “Remind me to ask Martha Stewart how to cheat the system.”

You can watch the first video single from 90951 above. Audio Push will also start a 30 city tour with Dizzy Wright on the album’s release date of 9/23. You can also watch a trailer for the album below.

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