Pi’erre Bourne’s “Honeyberry” Puts the Sound in SoundCloud Rap

Pi’erre Bourne, the producer behind Playboi Carti’s SoundCloud-crossover hits “wokeuplikethis” and “Magnolia,” is back with his own track, “Honeyberry.” Could this song be on his upcoming album The Life Of Pi’erre 4? Honestly I have no idea. It’s pret-tay wavy though!

Have you noticed these Pi’erre Bourne songs tend to sound good on an infinite loop? This one is no exception: “Fuck…love….fuck….love…” I don’t agree, but I’m down to let these repetitions sink in. Do you hear that subtle sonar noise in the background? Maybe you will on the second or third repeat.

Bourne’s lite bangers sound simple but tend to reveal themselves over time. They don’t need meaning, they just flow. In a way they’re like the rap versions of the lo-fi house music by DJ Boring, Mall Grab or Yaeji. You could film a skate video part to his music just as easily as you could fall asleep to it.

Right now there are a million “Pi’erre Bourne type” beats on SoundCloud, but “Honeyberry” really does stand out from herd. There’s something about that eternal feeling.

About the visuals, which you can check out above: My director friends are fatigued to the point of anger by VHS filters on digital videos. Then again, this is how a video for this type of song is supposed to look, right? Cheap, slightly trippy, shot in someone’s cool house in the hills. Major labels in 2017 want that normcore Comic Sans rap.

Open Space: Pi’erre Bourne

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