Ohio City Plans to Reinstall Confederate Monument it Took Down a Month Ago

Ohio wasn’t even a part of the Confederacy during the Civil War, but in the year of 2017, that doesn’t matter much because Donald Trump’s presidency has given racists a new energy. That energy has inspired Franklin Township in the Buckeye State to reinstall a monument honoring the General Robert E. Lee.

The monument reads,  “In loving memory of Robert E. Lee. And to mark the route of the Dixie Highway.”

The monument was removed this past August after the terrorist attack in Charlottesville, which was committed by a white supremacist who was in town to challenge the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee.

But the monument in Ohio wasn’t removed by Franklin Township, it was removed by the neighboring city of Franklin, which controlled the area in 1927 when the monument was erected.

When the monument was removed, USA Today reported, “Some say the monument should return because it has historic value. Some embrace President Donald Trump’s controversial comments after Charlottesville and say they’re sick of ‘political correctness.’ And some say they simply don’t want outsiders, like those who signed the petition [to remove it], telling them what to do.”

So with a few residents in Franklin Township mad about the monument’s removal, officials have made the decision to not only reinstall it, they will also hold a ceremony to rededicate it. Franklin will also pay $2,000 to repair the damages made in the removal process.

What the fuck people?

We need more people in positions of power who are not stupid enough that they think putting up a Confederate monumnet is a good idea, especially one they’ve already taken down in a state that helped the Union defeat the Confederacy. This is not only problematic, it’s embarrassing and dumb.


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