combat-jack Features

Knowledge Darts Vol. 32: Winter Solstice

I never got to say thank you
Morlocks Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 30: Why Underground Rap Will Never Die

I'm still underground like a motherf*cking Morlock
libya Knowledge

How Slavery Came Back to Libya

Tracing the roots of mankind's latest atrocity
Keith Sweat Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 29: Something Just Ain’t Right

In search of the real release date for Keith Sweat's debut album

Knowledge Darts Vol. 28: Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction

Let's talk about something that really matters
Meek Mill Knowledge

What Does Meek Mill’s Sentence Say About Our Criminal (In)justice System?

Innocent 'til guilty, guilty always the verdict
fly-god Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 27: Fanatic Of The C Word

What is a rap classic, and who gets to decide?
drop_the_mic Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 26: Drop The Mic

Battle rap has been big business for a minute
The Work Film

‘The Work’ Is A Powerful New Documentary Unlike Any Other

Healing from the inside
voodoo-ray Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 25: October Has Been Tough

Weather the storm and make it through
state-property Art

‘State Property’ Exhibition Explores American Consumption of Prison Labor

Is the system broken? Or working as intended?
kung-fu-kenny Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 24: The Dangers Of Pivoting To Video

And other concerns
hitchikers-guide Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 23: Forty-Two: The Meaning Of Life, The Universe & Everything

A writer reflects on his choices and his legacy
march-justice-attica-rising Events

The March For Justice Demands An End To Human Rights Abuses In NY Prisons

"System change isn't a spectator sport."
boston-counter-protests Knowledge

Knowledge Darts Vol. 22: Which Side Are You On?

Hoping it will all blow over is not an option
Common Events

Common and J Cole to Advocate for Justice Reform With Free Concert

“It is my duty to lend my voice to the voiceless"