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MTV to Kanye West: Do Whatever the Hell You Want on VMAs Stage For 4 Minutes

Even with a strict agenda or itinerary to adhere to, Kanye West is easily the most unpredictable celebrity this side of Amy Winehouse. He looked straight into a teleprompter that didn’t have the words “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” and said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” on network television with millions watching. He grabbed Taylor Swift’s microphone–at the VMAs, might we add–and drunkenly proclaimed that she shouldn’t have won the award she was winning (it was her first award of any kind). He told the world he’d run for President of the United States (also at the VMAs), and profanely denounced Lady Gaga’s validity as a brand ambassador during an interview with a soft-spoken radio host.

Needless to say, to Kanye, rules are meant to be bent and contorted, if not broken outright. However, despite having explicit knowledge of this, MTV isn’t going to give Kanye any rules at all at Sunday’s Video Music Awards.

TMZ broke the news today–Pitchfork would later confirm it–that the producers of MTV’s signature summer engagement, the VMAs, have given Kanye West free-reign to do whatever he wants to do on stage for 4 minutes at Sunday’s live ceremony. It should be noted that inviting Kanye to perform, present or speak at your ceremony is to ask him to do whatever he wants on stage for 4 minutes, but kudos to MTV for having the audacity to make that the only criterion.

For those trying to prepare themselves for what’s to come–according to Pitchfork, even the award show’s producers have been kept in the dark–Kanye’s got an abundance of material to pull from. His latest LP, The Life of Pablo, is his most universally-praised album since 2010’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The album’s biggest hit, “Famous,” re-ignited the 7-year long Cold War between him and Taylor Swift, the Cold War that began with Kanye grabbing her mic from her at the 2009 awards. He’s got a new single out, “Champions,” featuring a who’s who of rap stars, from Big Sean to Gucci Mane. And of course, we should be prepared for a Kanye rant at all times, no matter the stage.

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