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Hey, You’re Cool! @memesMahNegguh

“Woooowwwww.” “Juheard?” *sucks teeth* It goes on for like that forever. Just cracking inside jokes about New Yorker traits. Of course, @memesMahNegguh grew up here, and he’s just trying to make his friends laugh about themselves. Bring people together. The web video series is made up of crying emoji faces with moving mouths posted on top of paper cutouts that appear repeatedly in different settings. There are lots of deadass and Timbs jokes, obviously. While the 20-year-old artist thinks they’re funny too, he doesn’t really like the idea of people from outside New York making them. All the voices and scripts and video editing are done by the anonymous creator. If you knew him, you’d be surprised how many different outlets he’s nice with. But we’re here to focus on the memes, so we asked him about how he got started, his “Coco Mango Cherry” dembow song, and more.

Where you from?

I’m from the South Bronx, around East Tremont. I’m 20 years old.

When did you get into memes?

I’ve always been like the class clown, so people were always telling me to get into the memes. Put that personality out into the world. One day I came up with the idea and it became a part of me.

You started with the faces?

Yea, from the start. It could be anybody, so you could put yourself into their shoes. They can relate. It’s like a cartoon. It’s modern situations happening right now.

It blew up immediately?

Yea I just posted something to Facebook thinking I’d take it down. But it got like 50,000 views by the end of the day. 100,000 the next day. People kept encouraging me to make more. So by the fourth video, I decided to call it @memesMyNegguh because it’s a New York thing. More people recognize the faces than the name though.

They got pretty elaborate after a while.

Yeah, I’ve always been into video editing and altering pictures. I started video editing in 2009 but stopped because I got into computer programming. So I just got back into it, I still knew some stuff and went ham with it. It reminds me of Adult Swim, real uncensored shit.

How do you come up with the scripts?

Believe it or not, I talk to myself as different characters. Even though it sounds crazy. I make the dialogue first and then the visuals come after. The only help I get from friends is encouragement and support.

How much is based off actual circumstances? Where’d the Uno one come from?

Oh, that’s just like, about nostalgia. Everybody used to play that in high school or middle school in the lunch room. That stuff happens to everyone, so I just put my own spin on it. It’s my world so I get to choose what they say. I recreate the situation how I’d want to say it.

Did this all come before the deadass and Timbs memes?

Naw, that happened a long time before. But I want to shy away from that because it’s like New York slander. I like to hint at it, but try and do something else. Deadass is New York lingo, but Timbs? People cop them, but not because they’re intentionally trying to represent New York.

I’ve met a lot of New Yorkers who think they’re funny though.

Yeah, they’re funny. But if you’re not from New York, that’s the first thing they think of. But you shouldn’t be making those deadass and Timbs jokes if you’re not from here. You’re just trying to get on with the wave.

Where’d “Coco Mango Cherry” come from?

That’s just another New York thing I wanted to shine some light onto. I want to make a video for that too. I made a video first, but then I found a reggaeton beat and started saying “coco, mango, cherry” over it and liked how it sounded. So I took the audio from the video and edited it over the beat and dropped it. Just having fun. New York is so lit but people don’t embrace it, so I feel like it brings people together. I didn’t know that was going to blow up. It’s got like 150,000 plays on Soundcloud with no push. It was crazy. Fader posted it.

What’s next?

I’d like to create a whole universe, like a series. Hopefully, reach out to Adult Swim. Someone at Adult Swim, hit me up! It’s got potential. I do all the voices, even the girls. Everything is all me. Maybe a little two-minute spot and then keep it moving.


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