Marvel’s “Team Thor” Is Back For Another Hilarious Short

It’s not easy getting a superpowered Norse deity to pay his share of the rent. Not even if you’re half of “Team Thor”.

To say that director Taika Waititi has a firm handle on witty banter would seem like an understatement after the hilarious short film he did about “Team Thor.” The mockumentary-style short was deemed good enough to be included amongst the extras for the Captain America III: Civil War DVD and Blu-Ray, as it explains Hulk and Thor’s absence from that story.


Basically, Bruce Banner wasn’t feeling Tony and Steve’s “pissing contest” while Thor was waiting on their call, chilling in Australia with his new roommate Daryll. Feeling a bit left out of the feud between “Team Cap” and “Team Iron Man,” he starts his own “Team Thor,” consisting of him and Daryll. Their activities mainly consisted of Thor loafing about or bothering Daryll at his office job.

With today’s release of the Dr. Strange DVD and Blu-Ray, “Team Thor” returns to center stage for some regular schmo antics. This time around, Daryll ends up “rich” with Asgardian coins worth “gazillions,” according to the Avenger living under his roof. They won’t help him pay any of the bills though.

Through Waititi’s unorthodox approach, Marvel Studios may just break some unexpected but highly welcome new ground with the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. Aside from Thor’s own story, the film incorporates elements from the Planet Hulk storyline, with Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo describing the movie as “an intergalactic buddy road movie with Banner and Thor” last year.

Judging by the pictures below, which give us a peek at a staff shirt and the design of the villainous Hela as portrayed by Cate Blanchett, the visuals will also feature a strong Jack Kirby influence. We ain’t mad at that either.

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