KRS-ONE’s Lost Verses

Some of us who heard KRS-One’s now infamous verse memorializing the wrong Beastie Boy wondered if he knew something we didn’t.

“Like a late fog in the mist/ I see King Ad-Rock / And rest in peace Nate Dogg…” the Blastmaster rapped on his recent release, “Hip Hop Speaks From Heaven.”

Apparently he mixed up MCA (Adam Yauch), who passed away in 2012, with Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz), who is alive and kicking.

KRS later apologized for the gaffe, but now it appears that rap’s teacher had embarked on a radical process of “self-edutainment” while working on a new album that would have told the truth about many legendary stars of rock and hip hop.

In the fallout from MCA-Gate, that album has been shelved. But these days recording studios are leakier than the White House, giving us a chance to hear some of the lost tracks. Peep the exclusive excerpts below. 


“I Buried Paul”

Sample Verse:

“John said, ‘Paul is dead’/ I shot him in the head/ Carry that weight, it’s a heavy load / Walking with a zombie across Abbey Road”

What We’ve Learned:

After years of dealing with his perfectionist ways, John Lennon could take it no more and killed Paul McCartney, who then became a zombie doomed to tour the arenas of the world for all of eternity. Lennon later faked his own death to escape the jaws of justice, which were finally closing in on him. Now suffering from dementia, Lennon is living out his final years on an island in the Caribbean. 

“Biggie Took A Bullet (For 2Pac)”

Sample Verse:

Biggie’s big, don’t need no Kevlar/ Stepped in front of Suge Knight’s car/ Now ‘Pac and him are growing old/ On an island that’s never cold”

What We’ve Learned:

Biggie and Tupac were on the verge of burying the hatchet and ending the East Coast/West Coast beef for good. When someone took a shot at Tupac, Biggie stepped between him and the low-caliber bullet, which bounced off his imposing girth. Realizing they could never live in peace, the two rap legends faked their own deaths and escaped to an island in the Caribbean. 

“Courtney Courted Dave”

Sample Verse:

Pull the trigger, Love, growled Kurt/ Grohl was in her sights/ The two of you thought I was a foo’/ Just ’cause we had some fights”

What We’ve Learned:

Kurt Cobain found out that Courtney Love and Dave Grohl were having an affair. He ordered Love to take out Grohl, who then became a zombie doomed to tour the arenas of the world for all of eternity. Cobain faked his own death and now performs in a ’90s cover band at a hidden Caribbean resort. 

“Prince Is Doing Time”

Sample Verse:

“Prince had a dark night/ When he lost the Revolution/ They wanted to play/ With Morris Day”

What We’ve Learned:

Prince saw Morris Day’s set in a Vegas club and realized he was the real talent out of Minneapolis. He then got caught feeding Day a lethal dose of painkillers and is now serving a life sentence in a secret prison “resort” in the Caribbean.

The final song we heard was called “Scott La Rock Was On The Wrong Block.” It’s an instrumental. 

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