Jimmy Wopo Speaks On His Jail Sentence And “First Day Out” Video

The last time we heard from Jimmy Wopo, he was telling us that he would be “very disappointed if he wasn’t rich.” Shortly after that interview the Pittsburgh rapper returned home and got locked up for a probation violation. It seems that meetings with labels, a TIDAL showcase and interviews with sites like MASS APPEAL got him into trouble with his PO. After spending the last two months in a cell, this past weekend Wopo came home and got straight to work. Well actually, he’s been working the whole time. We hopped on the phone to chat with the homie and he broke down why he believes “going to jail was a good thing.”

Photo by Daniel Kelly


Nice to hear your voice Jimmy!

You already know, bro. Same here.

I felt fucked up when I heard you had to go away.

Yeah, you know how they play. They play dirty, man. But I ain’t gonna give em a reason to play dirty no more.

It was great to see you in New York, but was it the trip that kinda messed things up?

Yeah… I wouldn’t call it “mess things up” though. There’s always more doors that’s open for me. I ain’t really tripping about it too much. But yeah, that was it though. It was the trip.

The trip was dope—you did the TIDAL showcase and we did that interview. But was it worth it?

It was worth it, bro. Like I wouldn’t do it over no way, if I could do it different. And I said that while I was in there.

Plus you had some tasty waffles.

Yeah, those were good waffles man.

So how long were you inside?

Like 60 days, bro. I got out on Monday.

And when did you get out?

I got out on Sunday.

What was the first thing you did when you got home?

I shot a video. First thing, bro.

So you were workin’ while you were inside.

Hell yeah. Like a motherfucker.

How did you stay focused? Didn’t you feel stressed out?

Nah I ain’t feel stressed out, bro, because I knew they couldn’t hold me for long. I ain’t catch no new case or nuttin’. And I had stuff to occupy my time. And plus before I went down, I was unsure what I wanted to do. I didn’t know if I wanted to accept the deal or not. I was so confused. It cleared my mind. I’m better at this point. It was cool for real, bro. I ain’t really stress it.

I understand you wrote some songs while you were inside?

Ten complete songs and like fourteen verses.

You’re a very focused person. How do you handle the pressure?

Mind control, bro. Don’t let the four walls get to you. Think outside the box, literally.

How happy were all your peoples when you got back?

Everybody was really happy. They said how boring it was without me. I felt love.

What was the video shoot like?

One part I shot comin’ out the jail, then I shot some in the hood where I’m from. And now I’m about to go to the second scene. It’s done for real but I just gotta do one more scene. They wanted a scene where I’m already fresh and I’m already feelin’ it again.

Any other news on your career? You mentioned a label offer.

I got a lot of different offers from a lot of different labels. It’s like the first deals that ever got thrown at me, and they ain’t really that bad. So I feel like if I just keep going hard it only can get better.

So no decisions yet?

Nah, I think it’s too early to make a decision. I wanna build this up a little more. That’s why I’m saying the jail time wasn’t really bad. It gave me time to rethink what I’m doing and it gave me a new concept to go with. And with the help of the news and everything I stayed relevant. It’s gonna be lit when the video drops. I ain’t stressing.

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