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same Hot Takes

It Was a Type Beat Year

The search for something new in a year of sameness
Grammys Hot Takes

JAY-Z and Kendrick Lamar’s 15 Grammy Nominations Don’t Mean Shit

The Academy still doesn't know jack
coco Film

Pixar’s ‘Coco’ Can’t Erase Disney’s Racist Past, But It Hits All The Right Notes

No Mickey Mouse Club here, b
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F*ck a Name Change, P. Diddy Is My Favorite Sean Combs

P. Diddy > Brother Love
papa johns Hot Takes

Papa John’s, Please Take a Knee and Let Me Hand You This “L”

The worst pizza in the world
a sweet basket of fried chicken goodness from the Louisiana's greatest fried chicken establishment, popeyes Hot Takes

Popeyes is King and KFC is a Waste of Good Poultry

Stop playing, b
kevin-gates Hot Takes

My Dad Hated Our Underrated Rappers List

“Y’all gotta kill y’all selves for this list so I don’t gotta catch a charge.”
eminem-detroit Hot Takes

Is Eminem’s BET Freestyle Too Little Too Late?

Slim Shady scorched the Earth, but Trump still reigns supreme
MileyCyrusBodakYellow Hot Takes

The Trouble With Miley Cyrus

Please leave Cardi B out of it
gregg popovich Hot Takes

Gregg Popovich Ain’t Whitesplaining Shit and Neither Should You

The Spurs coach keeps it 100 at NBA Media Day
xxxtentacion Hot Takes

The Case Against XXXTentacion

Enough is enough
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Letter From Mexico City: Stand Up And Defend The Dreamers

Trump now has the children of immigrants in his crosshairs
waka-producers Hot Takes

Waka Flocka Flame Thinks Producers and DJs Should “Stay in Their Lane”

No round of applause for this hot take
eclipse-glasses Hot Takes

Damn New York, That Solar Eclipse Was Wack AF

A let down of a lifetime, fam
south-park-20-years Features

Everything I Need To Know About Charlottesville I Learned on ‘South Park’

Trey Parker and Matt Stone predicted the future for the last 20 years
erykah badu surprises dave chappelle on stretch and bobbito's new podcast Hot Takes

Dave Chappelle Isn’t Transphobic For His Jokes About Trans People

Being equal means catching these jokes too