The ‘Friday’ Kids Are Owning Halloween

Halloween in the information age has long been a glorified talent competition, gauging who pulled off which celebrity impression or Hollywood/viral Twitter moment—those are nearly one and the same now—the best. In that case, get these kids whatever hardware awaits the winner. This race is over.

After spending the weekend going viral on the social media circuit, there’s almost no debate that by Halloween on Tuesday, these hilarious kids and their impressions of Ice Cube and Chris Tucker’s respective “Craig” and “Smokey” characters from the classic 1995 film Friday will be one of the holiday’s golden takeaways—and there aren’t only photos. They re-enacted some of the signature scenes from the film, like the nervous, clenched-teeth uttering of “Hey Ms. Parker,” or Craig’s paranoid, “Come back!”

(There’s also this pose at the top of this post, arguably the best of the bunch.)

It isn’t the first time that Cube and Tucker’s iconic duo has been attempted for one of America’s most lucrative concocted holidays, but it’s the best such attempt in recent memory and one that will be tough to top.

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