FMK7's grey classic statues reflected into infinity and bathed in red light.

Double Tap: @FMK7 (FMK7)

Classic Greek sculptures flung into the cloud and adultered by broken code and neon lighting fill much of the work of France’s FMK7. The smooth textures of marble and precious metal are corrupted by dripping digital acid and shattered into prisms. These scenes are trapped in infinity rooms and looped endlessly, stitched together with bursts of glitchy noise. He creates long music videos and content for occasional projection mapping projects but is also fond of the instant gratification that GIFs offer. We asked the motion graphics artist a couple quick questions below, but feel free to get lost in the mazes he created by first.

What programs do you use?

I use C4D and Octane for rendering, and After Effects for the final touch!

How much of the content is original, and how much sourced from other places?

All my content is original! I like to remix free 3D models and scans I find on the web. It’s a good start for inspiration.

How is the motion aligned with the music?

I love to work with music. When I work on music videos, I take the BPM of the music and synchronize my loops with it.

Do you VJ live shows as well?

No, I’ve never done that. I’d love to, though. Sometimes I work on big shows with video mapping and it’s so satisfying!

Do you have a name for your style?

Post neo-classic vaporwave!

FMK7's grey classic statues reflected into infinity and bathed in red light.


FMK7's black and white marble hallway warping into infinity.

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