nas-rapture Film


Mass Appeal’s new Netflix series premieres this weekend at SXSW
safdie brothers Features

The Safdie Brothers Got Gritty as 2017’s Filmmakers to Watch

"You might not like the feeling that you're feeling, but you can still be entertained by that feeling."
quest Film

‘Quest’ Is A Vérité Valentine to Black Love

A Philly family perseveres and uplifts

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is Upon Us With a Brutal New Trailer

It's going down
black mirror Film

Netflix Unveils Chilling New ‘Black Mirror’ Trailer, “Black Museum”

This is no Smithsonian
coco Film

Pixar’s ‘Coco’ Can’t Erase Disney’s Racist Past, But It Hits All The Right Notes

No Mickey Mouse Club here, b
get-out Film

‘Get Out’ May Be Funny, But It’s No Comedy

Satire, yes, but it's still scary AF
lord of the rings Film

Amazon Returns to Middle-Earth for ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Prequel

The legend comes (back) to life
starz Film

Starz Orders New Documentary Series from Mass Appeal and Worldstar

'The Field,' coming soon
star wars Film

New ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy in the Works

What will director Rian Johnson do with Lucasfilm's billion dollar "blank canvas"?
superdab Comedy

‘Lion King’ and Beyond: 7 Classic Films Reimagined… With Migos

Need a call casting!
danny brown Film

Why Was Danny Brown’s ‘Live at the Majestic’ Documentary Shelved?

A true atrocity
mir-fontaine Film

Watch the Trailer for Our New Mir Fontane Doc, ‘Camden: A Child Invincible’

Music and life in the country's most dangerous city
american-gangster Film

10 Classic Rap Albums That Could’ve Been Soundtracks to Classic Films

Companion pieces beyond JAY-Z's 'American Gangster'
migos-lion-king Film

The Pressure’s On, Disney: Cast Migos as the ‘Lion King’ Hyenas

Young Rich Hyenas
danny-brown Film

Watch the Trailer to Danny Brown’s New ‘Live at the Majestic’ Documentary