Letter From Mexico City: Stand Up And Defend The Dreamers

Earlier this week white supremacist in chief Donald Trump again dropped his oversized Mens Warehouse suit pants to wag his microscopic racist dick for the world to see. Only weeks removed from blundering the chaos in Charlottesville using coded honky-speech to publicly side with heavily armed tiki-torch-carrying Nazis and defer the blame to “both sides,” the man who shares an overly tanned skin complexion reminiscent of Cactus Cooler was at it again.

No, no! We aren’t talking about his delayed response to the city of Houston being submerged in the deluge of Hurricane Harvey. That, my friends, is an entirely different tragedy. One that—need i remind you—Trump also used to shill his shitty Made-in-China  “USA 45” snapbacks. One that this decaying, slowly rotting, jack o’ lantern of a man also used to declare that his hands were too big to fit in plastic food-handling gloves.

No, this week’s American tragedy comes in the form of Trump’s snap decision to end DACA, effectively targeting more than 800,000 LEGALLY working immigrants who entered the country as minors. At this point should we be surprised at the actions of a man who kicked off his presidential campaign by declaring Mexicans were rapists and murderers?


Over the course of nine months the current President of the United States has gone to ever further lengths to show and prove that there is no heart beating in his chest. All that remains is a Trump-brand Swastika powered by greed and hatred for those who do not fit his perception of what America is. From the hastily conceived, nonsensical temporary Muslim ban, to the failed attempted repeal of Obamacare, onward to his attack on transgender troops SERVING the American war machine, Trump’s rampage of ignorance and intolerance now has the children of immigrants in his crosshairs.   

In the politically charged capital of Mexico City opinions regarding American policy and Trumps tyranny run particular high. “It seems very cruel and particularly mean to deport the DREAMers” says Ximena Rubio age 20. “Mass deportations create a problem for Mexico too because you are dropping off many that culturally identify as American,” she adds. “Many are not fluent in the language and not assimilated into our education system. Oftentimes it’s difficult to find their birth records and information,” she points out. “How are we to help them?”

Back home on the front lines of the Los Angeles Defend DACA protest, community organizer Carmina Calderon offers her take on the dehumanizing circumstances that lead many to migrate to the states in the first place. ‘“The narrative around the parents is disgusting,” she says. “Parents don’t uproot their families for fun. People migrate to survive. It is an act of desperation.”

“My mother left El Salvador because of the civil war the U.S. funded,” Calderon adds. “People are using criminalizing language toward them, saying [the migrants] broke the law. They’re fleeing bullshit caused by the United States, whether it’s capitalism, cisheteropatriarchy, ecocide or land theft, these parents broke the law to fucking survive.”

Immigration is the very foundation and premise of what The United States was founded upon, or at least that’s what we were told. Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of world history knows those original colonies were in fact just that: colonies. Extensions of the British empire (i.e. the white man) hell-bent on conquest, expansion and the eradication of anyone who stood in the way. On September 5 beady-eyed Col. Sanders look-alike Jeff Sessions continued the USA’s legacy of white supremacy by sauntering on stage before assembled media to giddily announce the end of DACA.

Oh, I bet the singling out and assaulting of fellow humans who arrived in this supposedly “free” country as minors really sends a tingle through that decrepit soulless body of yours Mr. Attorney General, doesn’t it? Coretta Scott King was right to condemn your racist existence and rally against your nomination as a federal judge in 1986. King knew about Sessions’ history of leveraging his power and influence to intimidate and disenfranchise black voters. Sharing a name with your father and grandfather who were named in honor of Confederate President Jefferson Davis should be an obvious sign that you are in fact a nationalist piece of shit.

While evil to the core, Sessions is but a minion to the Trump agenda. A smoldering little wrinkly man-worm errand boy who gets used to carry out Trump’s misguided, misinformed attack on immigrants, American commerce, and humanity.

The end of DACA will reportedly cost the U.S. $406 billion in GDP (as per American Center of Progress). While 91% of DACA recipients are employed and contributing tremendously to the American economy, to be seen as a statistic and have your entire existence—your total worth as a person—valued solely based on the revenue you are able to generate is a sick and dehumanizing symptom of  the capitalist mentality that drives the American psyche. Lost in the discussion of GDP, work permits and college stats is the fact that people are being stripped of their dignity and fundamental rights as human beings. Fellow humans are being chastised and attacked for merely existing.

DREAMers are much more than an Obama-era acronym. DACA recipients are just like the rest of us, are regular-ass human beings just trying to navigate an irregular set of circumstances in regards to their living situation in America. A full 80% of those who benefit from DACA arrived before the age of 10. When discussing DREAMers we are talking about children who were uprooted and moved because of their parents’s decision to seek sanctuary, and an opportunity at economic upward mobility. The chance at a better life. All of which are cornerstones of the false “American Dream” Republicans so often point to with meaningless words. They do not truly know what they are talking about because it has never been a matter of life or death for them.

Despite what you may think or believe “citizenship” may entail, those who were too young to choose or remember a life before the U.S. and have spent the majority of their life here ARE in fact American. Fuck all the red tape and paperwork. They are our brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, family, co-workers and more importantly humans who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

We know better. We know there is no reason for criminalizing innocent young people who were raised from an early age in a strange gray area of the law. Young people who followed proper protocols to ensure they could continue to live the only life they’ve really known.

So what the fuck happens next? Empowerment through information and action, those who have been unmercifully targeted by the Trump administration are facing an uncertain future and even tighter deadlines. Adrian Reyna from UnitedWeDream.org recently fired off a tweet with vital information regarding work permits granted by DACA:


The deadline to renew permits that expire before March 5, 2018 is October 5. You can do so here

Texting ‘RESIST’ to 50409 sends an instantaneous Fax to your state senator and lets them know where you stand and that you want to #DefendDACA.

Know that DACA recipients are still protected under labor laws and still maintain workers rights which can be viewed in full here. Those living LEAGALLY under the DACA initiative are allowed by law to live and work here and are by no means subject to abuse by immigration agencies such as ICE.  You retain your civil rights and are encouraged to print and carry a RED CARD,  which protects your 5th amendment right to remain silent, your Fourth Amendment right against illegal home entry and seach without probable cause and your right to an attorney and legal represntation.

As allies and fellow Americans we must help protect and stand with those who are now unjust persecution from the government. Not every law or executive decision is done with the best interest of all Americans in mind. Stand up for your fellow brother. Hit the streets, mobilize, protest and make your voice heard. Our public officials are supposed to work FOR US not oppress and persecute us.

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